How To Overcome Self Doubt + Impostor Syndrome

“Life simply responds to your confidence levels. Discover security in your self, and you will find what used to bother you is a vapid void of nothingness” – ME, NADIA ARAIN – THE SPARTANITE   A large chunk of doing confidence and empowerment work, be it in magickal rituals for people to shift their inner […]

What Modelling Taught Me About Self Empowerment

As per a client request, I pen this post to share some of my insights as a former fashion model and in the hopes of explaining and highlighting what I myself learned from it, and what people can – in turn.   Modelling is an interesting industry. It is literally everything people hear about, glamour, […]

The Darkness Series – Being The Truth Through Destruction

“A man cannot call himself good and honourable, if he is unwilling to stop very evil men who rule this planet. He is unable to speak of all his virtues if he is not able to destroy those who destroy innocent lives. Destroying evil, is a great honour that the good MUST uphold. Most of […]

Everything In Life Is Based On Your Vibration

“If you can shift your vibration, you can easily reach the apex of the pyramid in no time. ” – ME , NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE   One of the key things people fail to understand is that you cannot solve your challenges in life by thinking them through. In the West, there is a […]

Empire Esteem & Your Self Concept – Whom Do You Wish To Become?

    Disclaimer note : We are facing a challenge like never before, a poison that has stripped us of our humanity for the most part. What Esteem could there be left after it? That is not a problem that normality can ever solve.   There is no helping that irreversible situation globally at present. […]

Clauneck & The Fastest Way To Elevate Your Life – Edition 2022

Happy New Year!   “When you get out of your OWN wallet and into the wallet of others, your life elevates”. – Me, Nadia Arain, THE SPARTANITE     A phenomenal conversation I had between a friend I have known over 10 years (and counting), and myself, lends me to write this post. She now […]

Channeling Bune – A Humanity Without Humankind (Part 2)

A while back, I wrote one of my MOST searched blogs about the tranceformation of humanity, a deeply worrying and concerning exchange I randomly had with my Father ; an unexpected one. A one that has eaten away at me since the day he had said to me and everything he has said (even things […]

The Reality Of Power + Navigating Presence

“Navigating personal power is a challenging topic to write upon because the cold dark reality is, very few people are actually powerful. They just merely trick themselves to align with a world that will never have their weakness in the first place” — ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE   We live in a material plane […]

How To Be Bold In YOU

Everyone knows what Boldness is…   Or do they?   Many people mistake confidence for boldness. However, confidence is showing up with the ability and skill to master a situation. Boldness doesn’t care, it shows up ANYHOW. Boldness is a sibling to DARING. Boldness simply is akin to fearlessness about what someone will think or […]