Enter in the black door

Answer the all questions to enter the black door, Thanks!

Your contact details for communication
What is your deepest darkest problem that you feel you cannot tell anyone despite your "image" or "success" as a Black Label Man? Describe where you feel understood and where you feel misunderstood + lonely
What is your previous experience with the occult and where do you feel your gaps lie, with it?
What high risks have you taken in life and
Historically. what has been your relationship to envious people? Have they attempted to undermine, bully, threaten and ridicule you? If yes, describe in depth your experience with it.
How are you currently coping with the threats and challenges of this environment to protect yourself and thrive?
How have you dealt with enemies in your past? Be as descriptive as possible.
Have you found your tribe of real spartanite peers or are you still searching for them? What would that look like for you?
Are you hiding from people? Do you let your full light shine or do you dim it down to please and accommodate the fears & small-mindedness of others?
What is your own relationship to fear and how would you like spartanite support?
What have you boldly survived and escaped in your life that an average normal person would have died under, given the circumstances?
How do you relate to your sovereign masculine as a man?
How do you advocate to get your needs met in life?
What did you struggle with as a child and what impossible situations have created any level of trauma in you? Abuse, neglect, abandonment. Please be as specific as possible.
Have you found people terrified and frightened of your plutonian primal power and intense depth? If so, provide examples.
Have you been socially isolated in groups and interpersonal dynamics due to other people’s suspicions, mistrust, and, rejection of you?
Where have you had people told you that you’re “too much” and to tone it down if you want function in “polite” society?