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I know that people of great means and power often hit an invisible wall because they have restrictions and constraints. Some of these they can see, but many they can’t. It’s like watching a 3D movie without 3D glasses.

You don’t get to view the full picture or have the full experience until you can see the entire reality, as it has been designed.

A reality designed to deceive you to give up your power.

The issue for most successful people is that they either have people around them who are living relatively stagnant or unenlightened lives and will end up yes’ing” them to death. Or they have no real idea how to be of meaningful assistance to life’s biggest challenges.

Does this describe you?

You know you have mad skills, abilities, resources, and connections.

You want to consolidate all your gifts and power/resources so that you can have the EDGE over your competitors and non-competitors alike.

Yet given the state of the world, you can’t seem to activate your next- level of performance…your next experience.

Deep down, you know your human life is going way too slow, despite the speed your mind runs at, and you don’t necessarily have ALL of the information required to JUMPSTART to the next level.

If this sounds like you...keep reading...

How to Turn the Tide

Let’s face it, given the state of the world, everyone is feeling fragmented, disconnected, and dissociated from what comes next.

But you are not like everyone else…


You long for a secret weapon, so you can operate with experienced marksmanship in the world—, tools that equip you with an advanced set of skills of accuracy, insight, precision, clarity, focus, fearlessness, boldness, strength, and agility.

You know the world is changing dramatically and you will need a special set of skills to survive and thrive.

IF you already know that you are intended for great things, and want a grenade that will change everything—…that will create a powerful, positive explosion in your life, in your business—…one that will propel you forward…

…then stay with me a little longer…

360 Degree Support

You are not a pedestrian thinker.

You have advanced skills of cognition and awareness and simply require a powerful container to synthesize & enact your abilities. You have capacity, however it needs to be both expanded and concentrated.

This is the only place in the world where you experience both & see real life results.

We know the current reality sucks & our process helps you effortlessly step into a new reality. We know that many are afraid of the occult and the underworld but we both know that people need to strap up with more protection than ever…protection for the seen and unseen.

Discerning people understand that now, more than ever…


This level of support can transform the problems you know you have, and help you transcend the ones you’ve yet to see.
Think for a moment about what it means to not be able to see clearly in parts of your life.

By definition it means you are living under an ILLUSION.

This lack of insight into hidden areas, can lead to feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, and fear. I destroy your illusions, your myths, your insecurities, your uncertainties, and certainly, your fear.

So many falsely assume that you can only work with ‘love and light,’” as a means to create quantum leaps in their success. Those that know the nature of reality know differently. One must catalyze and integrate the dark and the light to live effectively on a planet that encompasses both elements.

Access the Diamond Inside of You

It is the dark that holds the power to deconstruct all your conditioning, so that you can finally access the REAL ENTREPRENEURIAL DIAMOND INSIDE OF YOU.

Remember that diamonds are formed in the dark, and under pressure.

As a diamond that has only realized SOME of your facets, you’re a thrill seeker and you have always felt you know MORE than the average common person who belongs to the masses, the placid zombie walker.


You know there is more in the world and you have forever craved this desire and intensity of life.

You know a pathetic boring life does not appeal to you. It is shallow, trite, vapid, and reduces your mind into a listless insanity. No matter what life throws your way, you always RISE to the occasion, and TRANSCEND IT. You have met death many times halfway, and sent it right back home. No negotiations!. You’re an EXPERT in crisis management and handling the hardest of situations, with finesse. You’re a person who knows there is more to life than meets the eye, and you want to know how to access it ALL for yourself…AND FAST.

You want to realize ALL of your facets.

The biggest problem is that if you can’t see the entire truth, you can’t HAVE your entire truth. And then you simply remain where you are.

You stay in a place of “never good enough to be a TRUE leader or to amplify my DIVINE MISSION and what I came here for.” You face the prospect of living your own personal hell knowing that you did not realize your full potential, full capacity, and full brilliance, at a time when that is exactly what is required of you.

If you don’t do what is required of YOU at THIS moment in time, I hate to think about how you will view yourself, for the rest of your life.

You have achieved big goals before…if you have not, honestly this is not for you.

However if you are ready to take your time, talent, and treasure and apply it to cultivating your highest possible future then you are in the right place.

You will not find this anywhere else in the world.

The Spartanite

I am Nadia Arain, Spartanite extraordinaire, clairsentient psychic, and most importantly to YOU, a guide of the DARK UNDERWORLD REALM.

I am a woman who has understood the Spirit realm and has processed many things to FULLY activate my power at an intimate level. I have done this through multiple baptisms and lakes of FIRE in order, to hold your hand and be your personal consort and liaison, providing an otherworldly experience without spiritual injury.

Due to my own experience with heavy dark spiritual attack, and my recovery from it, I am uniquely qualified to help you in ways that are most important to your life and survival.

You may not realize that people who are high caliber are always under some sort of attack due to envy, but often don’t even know this is happening. This can show up in the form of sabotage, sarcastic digs, character assassination, defamation, and especially dark, attack magic.

We often underestimate envy because we don’t know how far malevolent and envious people will go to bring harm to those that they covet.

My family was subject to dark magick attacks, my father had his life taken by relatives that wanted his wealth and power. They did this by controlling him through the hidden power of sorcery. They attacked my mother and I, too, so that I would not avenge him and what our family was put through. These people did this in ways that were invisible to me and my family and took us several years to figure out.

This is exactly how this level of attack works.

It took me years to recover my life from the worst imaginable circumstances, all due to this terrible magic. I vowed that I would use my understanding and power to assist those that were vulnerable.

Often those that want to use their power for good are the most attacked.

Trusting has a price and not everyone deserves it.

I have gone on to assist others in protecting themselves from attack (Discover More). Many are afraid to navigate this realm because they are afraid of dark consequences. They have been conditioned that they have to “sell their soul to the devil” or that karma will harm them if they dabble in this realm.

Let me let you in on a little secret…

People that experience harm in this realm have no REAL idea how to navigate it and the injury that they experience comes from not having experienced counsel on their path.

Sometimes one needs a controlled demolition in their lives…

One that strategically destroys all that is harmful and unnecessary.

I am a Destroyer

I destroy many things and have done it many times before. But unlike many who dabble, I have taken full command of the realms of my work and I know how to move on your behalf. --- Without harm or repercussions.

Most people seek to build and create. That is the only way they were taught, and the only way they have ever known. What if you could destroy all that is harmful and replace it with all that you desire?

Magic can be a double edged sword. Like money, it is a tool. It can be used to kill or birth realities.

It depends on your intent. If you want a sublime relationship, to accelerate your business or career, achieve fame, almost anything your heart desires. The upper echelons have known and used this for eons. They have kept it hidden because they don’t want YOU to know and because they often use it for malevolent purposes.

What if you could have the same sovereignty and – power as those that rule the land, and experience it with great peace, grace, and protection?

What if you could stop hiding because the masses don’t understand you?

This is the only place in the world where you can experience bespoke custom mentoring and expert protected sorcery – delivered to you, so that you may finally experience all that you have craved.

My clients have said that my mentorship is a combination of engaging the skill of trained sorceress with an intelligence operative with a focused yet lighthearted and engaging attitude.

Access the Spirit World

You will receive FULL access to the Spirit World

…a place where it is dangerous and impossible to navigate on your own, like a remote isolated land, the harsh Siberian Winter, a North Korean Prison—., without getting burned due to a lack of experience, playing with fire that lead to SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES.

Through my unique expertise of handling MAGICKAL AND SPIRITUAL COUNTER-SURVEILLANCE, I show and share with you how to free yourself from invisible human bondage into a limitless ,- expansive power that most can only dream of.

You’re looking for that EDGE of being understood from the deepest, darkest, recesses of your mind by meeting your honour, glory, and lifepath, in order to bring clarity and POWER within seconds and minutes, not months or years. There are many that have money but don’t have wisdom and depth.

In this place I grow your capacity, in every direction.

From a 30 MILLILITRE fragrance bottle to the 1 TRILLION Pacific Ocean cubic litres, within 12 months, you will expand, stretch, and, form into your true being.

Unlock Your Full Capacity

I see you clearly and what you’re truly capable of,  and I will lovingly enhance and challenge you to stretch and play into your fullest capacity.

Using a combination of LIFE SURVIVAL STRATEGY SKILLS combined with sharp psychic intelligence, we will dive deep into your blocks, what holds you back, clearing and deconstructing all that keeps you playing small,. no matter how big you THINK you’re currently playing at.

What would it be like to expand from having the capacity of a spoon or cup and move quickly and easily to having the capacity of an ocean?

Want support in rising into your UPGRADED LIFE and an existence that satisfies the deep craving of your inexhaustible mind and expansive soul to the very PENETRATIVE DEPTHS OF THE COLD DARK WATERS WITHIN WHICH YOUR TRUE POWER LIES?

This is YOUR formal call to my lair.

A call to come and join me and finally discover yourself in all of your glory. To see behind the veil of what has stopped you. To release your illusions. To discover what you have roamed the world seeking.

To upgrade to new realities, new timelines, a new life.
If you are finally ready...

Investment: 100,000 GBP

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