Your Life Is Your Belief System

“Your belief system is your WHOLE LIFE. Most people only believe their sheer unworthiness, but I, Spartanite – will embolden you to reach ALL your dreams. Even the ones you laugh yourself out of due to the masses telling you that you couldn’t do it. Give me your hand, be willing – and you will […]

An Open Letter : How To Finally Break Free Of The Cage You’re In

Cages are a funny thing.   Few notice they are trapped in one.¬†   As humans, we are so used to a cushy life, perhaps a comfortable hell we have endured that we have come to discover that auditioning for love, performing for a mediocre sub-standard garbage response from the walking dead, is how to […]

The Darkness Series – Persistence of The Mind

The Darkness Series, is a series that is dedicated to look at the inner workings of one’s own self, and more so in acceptance OF OUR TRUE SELF, AWAY AND STRIPPED AWAY FROM SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS.   Part of being an adult is accepting things we cannot change about life.¬†   In life, we are always […]

Identifying Victimhood and Rising Into Your Power

Considering that Victimhood is actually learned helplessness, it is a condition that through determination and self-effort, can be fixed.   Many people stay stuck in their lives because they simply lack the ability to see the glass half full (optimistic thinking), so to speak. This does not cover the round of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity, […]