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The keys are there. They always have been.

However, we are kept away from our Divine power. We are told who we are supposed to be. As though being ourselves is not enough…

It begins early when we are told how to behave, how to sit, stand, and show up. You have heard it all before. A man is supposed to act like” this.” A woman is supposed to do “that.” All of this clouds our inherent Divinity. And leaves us to be mere shadows of what we are capable of.

But the PARADOX, is you can become it all. You can discover yourself and what has been made invisible to you, about you.

  • Your addictions.
  • Your hidden shame.
  • Your self-loathing.
  • Your pain.
  • Your confusion, sadness, and loneliness.

Human expectations

Let’s face it, you have been on a merry- -go- round of people pleasing, of adhering to people’s nonsensical expectations, and, feeling you can never catch your feet, your breath, …your …sanity…

Many of you have engaged in ego trips, lost yourself in the pursuit of shiny baubles. When what you really long for is clarity about who you are and what you are Divinely capable of.

Yet you have been robbed of this birthright because you have adhered to human expectations rather than Divine Law.

Human expectations create a false veil of humility. Many people would prefer to keep you suppressed for their own hidden agendas. 

And you have learned to adapt to this false premise because you don’t understand the nature of genuine Divine humility. Genuine humility means being at peace with the self and a strong firm esteem of inner- being. The being that exists behind closed doors.

When you remove false humility, which is the unholy desire to avoid being the best version of you to fit into society’s bullshit and nonsense, you can truly take up space to LIVE OUT LOUD. You can then live indulgent, free, and, empowered.

You can create the rules within which you enjoy a blissful, fulfilled life. Your birthright of money, love, happiness, and, freedom all belongs to you!

No one will give you the life you DESIRE...

You can create the life you desire PLUS you must stand up and claim it for yourself, you take it.


You might need qualified help to do this. And this is where I come in. If you’re finally ready to be fully visible to yourself, to restore Divine clarity, I am ready to help you.
The process is not easy. It is not a 14 day course, a quick potion fix. It is not a cute little lifestyle change. But if you are ready to finally claim inner certainty, embodied awareness, and Divine clarity, you have come to the right place. But how do you achieve this? You must first deprogramme the mind of toxicity and victimhood through self- empowerment.

While the marketplace is constantly shouting that you must engage in self- development, I have news for you. Self- development is NOT self- empowerment. Read that again.


Empowerment is only available to those that know how to claim it. As you know, words cast spells. You speak things into power, all day long. You can look around at the inner and outer circumstances of your life and KNOW what you are spelling into existence.

So let me ask you this, are you engaged in development or empowerment?


Your Divine greatness begins with ceasing the surface of development and accessing and remembering the core of who you are. You accomplish this by removing the invisible inner and outer obstacles to accessing yourself, Even the ones that you cannot see. It begins with accessing and amplifying your inner esteem. When you do this, you will no longer tolerate the expectations of the unworthy. You will no longer settle for average circumstances.

Accepting your greatness, comes at a price.


Embodying your Divine self, sets you apart from the masses. But you didn’t show up to this planet to be miserable, petty, and lacking greatness. Leave that to those who want to believe their stories of woe. Leave them in their lane of nothingness. Leave that to those who want to believe their stories of woe. Leave them in their lane of nothingness.

YOU CAME HERE TO BE GREAT AND TO RULE . You are meant for MORE. When you are called for more, you have to become more.

It’s CHOICELESS. Average doesn’t do it anymore. Playing small, benefits no one Pretending that you are enmasse, a faceless nobody, only robs the people you are meant to help.

NORM and common place

It is the NORM and common place to live in victimhood. That’s where the common person, lives. To complain, to whine, and, lament on all that was lost. To engage in toxic cycles of self-sabotage, neglect, and, self-pity.

What if you didn’t have to do that anymore?

What if there was a way to work through all that holds you back, to rise up and zip into a new life, filled with pride and love for yourself? Would you call it impossible? A scam? Have you given up on life that much? Or is there still a fight; a hunger for more inside you?…


Would it make you curious, to be more, do more, and LIVE MORE? What would you think? How FAR would you DARE to rise into your FULL BOLD POWER?

How DEEP would you want to know the TRUTH THAT WOULD SET YOU FREE?

Would you want a MIND filled with promise, reward, opportunity, and SOVEREIGNTY? There’s a proven roadmap. A blueprint just as unique as you are.

But, you must take the first step…

Ready? The door will open automatically when you’re truly ready. When you know and claim:; you, TOO – just like anyone else, have the confidence to stand up and work for YOURSELF.

To live the way the Divine intended for you. Let’s show you how. 🙂


Welcome to

A Self- Study Online Mentoring Programme to remove emotional blocks, restore your intrinsic clarity, and create a solid path for your highest Divine future.

Only available in this package, Clarity Mentoring is not your average self-help program. I will provide you with a pre-recorded self- study programme and an empowered structure that fast tracks you through any toxic and limiting beliefs, teaches you hidden occult Divine knowledge, and activates your personal will. Finally, create a healthy life with the outcomes to match!

Programme topics:

  1. Who are you behind closed doors?
  2. Are you a victim?
  3. What is Self-Worth, Self-Value, and Esteemed Love for Self?
  4. Identify red and green flags in people for healthy relations.
  5. Heal Receiving Blocks to live a great life.
  6. Are you tripping yourself up with toxic cycles and self-sabotage?
  7. Creating Selfish Indulgence by putting yourself first.
  8. What is Regal Power & how to claim it for yourself.
  9. How to be a critical, independent thinker and reject the common narrative.

With the Clarity: Reclaim Your Divine Nature self-study programme, you will have me, as your distance mentor to help guide and navigate your journey towards achieving your inner- goals. Finally, create the inner strength and fortitude that you have always craved. The actions you take in this programme will be etherically supported by our flagship ritual work and clarity tools:

spiritual marketing coach

Scorpionic 30 Day Confidence and Esteem Empowerment

The quality of your life, is determined by TWO things:


It’s no surprise that most people are lacking in BOTH. Confidence is how you show up in life, a certain sense of FEARLESSNESS., Esteem is how you expect to be treated, with, respect, value, and, LOVE.

This empowerment is for those who are READY to claim their full power— WITHIN *30 days!, Open doors as fast as a VIPER SNAKE can move. Know your confidence and esteem, is a shield against all things that wish to harm, hurt, and , drain you. This work will allow you to create a powerful presence in your own life, and in the lives of others.
Receive one bespoke custom empowerment ritual that restores your intrinsic Divine value, showers you with self esteem, and plugs any inner and outer leaks that keep you from having the clarity you deserve. Read more HERE

Spartanite Signature Luck and Road Opener Ritual

The roads to your dream life, can sometimes be blocked because you may be in a negative period of your life. and with the power of this ritual, you are able to melt away what holds you back and clear your self to the life that you desire. Read more HERE

Spartanite Signature Aura Cleanse and Chakra Polish

Done remotely over the space of a week, this cleanse rebalances, removes, and resets your aura to it’s normal state. It will, remove any spiritual grime, exhaustion, and tiredness that you have accumulated through interactions with others, and in low vibrational situations. It will empower, embolden, and fortify you, aligning you to accept a new found regal confidence that, few have access to.
You will feel refreshed, renewed, and shiny after this. Life will flow calmly and you will possess increased focus and clarity in all your endeavours. Over a period of time, you will raise your frequency to its highest point, ensuring that no toxic people, situations, or places are aligned with your auric grid. Read More HERE

Clarity Tools

Our Clarity Toolkit includes energized elements designed to accelerate your clarity, which includes our custom Clarity Bracelet for MEN and Serpentine Necklace for WOMEN.

For Men: Embrace revolutionary bold masculine intuitive clarity by discerning someone’s true face and dealing with the individual/situation at hand. Using the powerful energy, the bracelet will fully reveal and unravel your main areas of concern, chiefly — Women, Wealth, and Winning.

For Women: This beautiful piece inspired by the Serpent itself and powered by The Divine Darkness of Arabic Magick, allows you to worship, revere, and, celebrate yourself in a way that feels PRECIOUS, MAGNIFICENT, AND, SPECIAL, TO YOU.

Walk through your door of Clarity now

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