Love, truly does make the world go round.
But not only that, it keeps us happy,
healthy and very balanced in our
Feminine energy. Love is our big thing!
This is why a woman can feel so unhappy
and unfulfilled, driving her towards all the
wrong situations and men, when she
hasn’t learned the blissful art of Self-Love
through rising her esteem up, fully. In a
loving, compassionate and committed
relationship, sex is a natural expression of
your desire for your man and something to
be revered, cherished and shared

WHY this program for you

This course is for you, whether you are single or in a relationship with a man because every Spartanite deserves a love life that is filled with bliss, radiance and happiness. You deserve to vibrate love at the highest frequency, love yourself and an equal man who loves you, thinks the world of you, empowers you and nurtures and supports your beautiful divine feminine side.

What’s the Program Consist of?

These are 3 dynamic, ground breaking courses that will assist you to fluidly move through the stages of your love life, no matter where you find yourself. They are designed to support and nourish you, in your ascent to happiness and feminine radiance in romance.

How does Nadia help?

From our journey together you will be taken care of emotionally and spiritually, using the assistance of my own experience and years of wisdom, as well as my trusted right hand (Spirit) woman, Belvia – my loving, sassy and witty spirit guide, as well as psychic insight through my Tarot deck and Natal charts. You are never left feeling by yourself, we encourage and empower you, all the way through.

What will I get from it?

You can expect to receive supportive, encouraging and bold guidance, done in a compassionate, straightforward manner that highlights any hidden unconscious blocks you may be having, that keeps you from the relationship of your dreams. We hold a soft, sacred and strong place for you to birth the new Spartanite Goddess version of yourself, to step into Love and Harmony.

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