“Recommended for Women who’ve done Program two or similar work around healthy love, intimacy and self worth, and or relationships yet are looking for guidance or are at crossroads?”
– The Spartanite

3 Month Love and Relationship psychic and spiritual realignment and guidance

Fantastic for realignment, a refresher for women who want MORE Spiritual Love balance, want better deeper ways to connect with their man spiritually, emotionally and sexually. Go deeper within themselves. This one is very psychically based—we deal a LOT with the Dark Feminine here. Archetypes of Lilith and Juno, the sexual and marriage placements for deeper healing.

  • Deep psychic and spiritual discovery call to identify their needs, wants and desires and how the program can best serve you you?
  • 7 sessions approximately 1 hour to dig deep to understand the best way to support you in achieving your desires and self discovery
  • Exploration of your astrological chart and current alignment of planets
  • How you can leverage the alignment of the planets and stars to support you in your love and relationships
  • Psychic guidance with tarot cards for any questions and answers
  • Unlimited email support to help you navigate through your challenges in real time.
  • Additional gifts Self Love Enchanted Bracelet [more information here]

£9997.00 GBP (Payment Plans available)

I will help you heal… so you can tap into
the frequency of real authentic healthy love


Why work with Me?
  • I will hold you in love, light and compassion
  • I will understand you; support you energetically, spiritually and mentally
  • I empathise how you feel as I’ve been there
  • I will only work with you if I honestly feel I can be of service and help you
  • I will share with you my personal experiences, psychic and spiritual insight, strength and hope
  • I will guide you from a sacred place of truth, honesty and authenticity


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