“When a woman embraces the radiant, feminine power within herself, miracles happen. However, those miracles, begin with you.”
– The Spartanite

Maybe you’ve done work on yourself, gotten out of that toxic relationship but you’re still yet to find your ideal spiritual companion or experience the real love you deserve?

Does this sound like you?
  • Perhaps you’re spiritually aware, have elevated yourself and you’re looking for a balanced relationship?
  • Are you after some guidance on who is your healthy ideal match, when will you meet him and how?
  • Are you looking for a balanced man who can manage himself and step into his own power?
  • Do you need to raise your frequency and vibrational energy to attract the right partner to you?
  • Are you finally ready for a stable and balanced relationship and ready and willing to do the work?
  • Do you have some blocks around trust, commitment, letting go or any other baggage you know is holding you back from your ideal relationship?
  • Or are you already in a relationship but feel like he doesn’t give you any time, love, affection or nurturing?
  • Are you in an unhappy relationship but you feel like you can’t leave due to family or finances and don’t know what to do?


Real, healthy intimate love is
possible and you deserve it Let me help you achieve it


What will I get from this program?
  • Discover, identify and heal the root cause of your low self confidence
  • Identify and resolve inter generational drama patterns that keep recreating these situations
  • Understand how men and women work
  • Balance and fill your masculine and feminine spiritual banks and learn how to tap into these to have worthy, balanced and healthy loving relationships
  • Develop a Blue print for healthy self worth, boundaries, and attracting the ideal partner
  • Know if someone is going to take advantage of you from the beginning and stop attracting these type of people in your life
  • #
  • Own your own feminine power, connect with your power, grace and femininity (not feminism) and attract equally healthy, loving men/ relationships
  • Learn how to elevate your frequency and become your confident, calm, radiant self to embody the Spartanite Divine Feminine Goddess Energy.
  • Stop the drama triangle and love from a healthy wholesome place of being
  • No longer settle for guys who don’t treat you like a queen
  • Learn how to get rid of all the disempowering subconscious beliefs that secretly keep you in passive mode of your life
  • Change your victim vibration and learned helplessness so you stop attracting abusers
Why work with me?
  • There is no judgment and you are in a safe place
  • Because I’ve been there and done that, so I know how you feel!
  • I know the difference between your karmic Soul mate and ideal partner, a place that most people stay trapped in, spinning their wheels.
  • I have successfully navigated this tricky journey personally and speak with experience
  • I combine the Triple C Formula to unlock your Personal Power (Coaching, Counseling and Clairvoyance)
  • I tell it as it is. I will never BS you into fooling yourself to settle for something less than what you deserve.
  • I am excited and passionate about seeing women transform from AVERAGE TO AMAZING through Spartanite Goddess Transformations

What you can expect to become
A Spartanite Goddess

  • Has a clear mission and purpose in life
  • Combines head, heart and spirit in her decision making
  • Is mentally, spiritually and emotionally mature
  • Doesn’t need a man to rescue her, she takes responsibility and deals with her problems head on

6 Months of Love and Relationship Transformational Counseling

Recommended for Women who’ve done Program one or similar work and are ready to claim their own magnificence and divine power and are committed to making real changes.
What’s Included?

  • Deep psychic and spiritual discovery call to identify their needs, wants and desires and how the program can best serve you
  • 13 sessions approximately 1 hour to dig deep to understand the core pain points to embody the love you deserve
  • Identify and resolve any toxic or dysfunctional patterns from family of origin or old unhelpful patterns and stories of relating in relationships
  • Complete diagnosis of your personal birth chart and the role this has played in your love life and relationships
  • Exploration of any limiting beliefs and reset to form supportive…
  • Understanding of the influence of your astrological chart and how the planets impact your relationships patters and history.
  • How you can leverage the alignment of the planets and stars to your advantage
  • Unlimited email and message support to help you navigate through your challenges in real time.

£8,997  (Payment plan available)

What the program looks like:
Month 1 -Discovery, trust building understanding the problem and how we work
Months 2 – 3 – Understanding the alignment of your charts, numerology, birth chart, tarot and suggested chakra cleanses
Months 4 – 5 – conscious and unconscious Values, desires and passion assessment, empowered plan and guidanc
Month 6 – Activation and manifestation for receiving.

Ready to start your transformation?

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