Money. Wealth. Power. All these three terms, can often be mutually interchangeable. And yet, you may still wonder, “what is money and what is wealth?” Seeing past, the often, ironclad curtain of what the wealthy show you, money is a distinct energy.

It is time to deconstruct the ideology and wealth belief systems you have incorrectly learned, to reconstruct a Wealth Foundation, of strength, empowerment and Feminine abundance

Why this program for you

This powerful course is for youwhether you are at the start of creating a lasting financial foundation for yourself or desiring to improve your current relationship with cash-flow and understand Wealth Energy, in it’s uncensored, raw and entire form. You deserve to have all your dreams come true, live life on your terms and do this, by possessing the financial power to afford them as well as, show other women that being Spiritual, Feminine and Wildly Wealthy, is a very real and exciting way of living.

What’s the Program Consist of?

These are 3 power packed, fun and dynamite courses that will assist you to flow through the stages of building and enhancing your financial foundations, no matter where you find yourself, currently. They are designed to support, empower and embolden you, in your ascent to Wealth & Fortune as well as, retaining blissful Feminine Strength, in your Financial Life

How does Nadia help?

From our journey together you will be taken care of emotionally and spiritually, using the assistance of my own experience and years of wisdom, as well as my trusted right hand (Spirit) woman, Belvia – my loving, sassy and witty spirit guide, as well as psychic insight through my Tarot deck and Natal charts.
You are never left feeling by yourself, we encourage and empower you, all the way through.

What will I get from it?

You can expect to receive supportive, powerful, and bold guidance, done in a straightforward, empowering and conscious manner. Any hidden unconscious financial and monetary blocks you may have, will be worked through our close journey together, melted and healed away.
We reserve a strong and liberated space, for you to birth the Fearless Money Manifestation with the assistance of The Dark Goddess, to confidently step forward into the financial destiny of your dreams


You cannot grow something if the land is still covered with weeds. In Building, we till your mental and energetic lands, preparing you and ensuring you are ready to build yourself into your magnetism properly. I provide a proper platform for you, with a solid, stable base.

Ready to start your transformation?

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