“If North is to Attain and South is to Distain, Wealth Fortunas too, possesses it’s own formula. Discover the hidden language of money, and learn to speak it with Mastery and Fluency”
– The Spartanite

Does this sound familiar?
  • You work hard but struggle to attract the money you know you deserve
  • You have trouble attracting clients who are willing to honour your services and pay you what you deserve
  • You feel that no matter how much you get it’s never enough?
  • You’ve made lots of money but struggle to hold on to it (self sabotage)
  • You feel no matter how hard you’ve worked you still just cannot seem to get a promotion/pay rise
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The most common money manifestation mistakes women make include:
  • Having low self worth – thinking you’re worth it you cant possibly ask for that much
  • A Lack of clarity in how they define wealth and success – cluttered thinking around just needing “more money” however do not have a solid vision and plan, on achieving it.
  • Not asking for what they want – and being afraid to express their true opinion and desires.
  • Projecting from a space of lack (scarcity mindset) – instead of tapping into your gift and wealth dial
  • Chakra wealth, aura blocks and limiting beliefs – vibrating at a lower energetic frequency will mean you end up attracting situations, people and places that also vibrate at a lower frequency.
Money is always in demand, and yet,
most do not feel like it is in supply
– The Spartanite
What will you receive?
  • Gain extreme clarity and confidence to be receptive of big money in a happy, feminine way
  • Create a crystal clear bold and empowered vision
  • Find your true calling and purpose and how you can transform your gift to be of service to others
  • Clear the wreckage of your past and be empowered with bounding self confidence to achieve all your dreams
  • Ability to stand in your power and unapologetically ask for what you want
  • Attract DREAM clients who pay on time, you have a great relationship with them and they give you referrals
  • Identify, discover and eliminate wealth blocks, leaving you feeling blissful and courageous to live your dream life
  • You will hold on to money and will incorporate to make investing money fun and simple
  • Be prepared for receiving and attracting wealth, so your money can work for you whilst you sleep
  • You will overcome any chakra blocks to provide joyful services to others and be a natural feminine leader
  • You will be a money and abundance magnet


This course is for you if:
  • You know you’re different to most people and other women
  • You’re a smart and ambitious woman
  • You have lots of life experience and often feel you need to do it all yourself
  • You’re looking for a feminine mentor who’s gritty, authentic and grounded?
  • You’re not the needy co-dependent or clingy woman who depends on a man to get by in life
  • You want to earn your own keep and make your own money with ease.

Are you finally ready to have a healthy, stable relationship with the Money Of Your Dreams?

Money Manifestation Game changer Intensive Program

What’s included?

  • Instant, lifetime access to the program
  • Comprehensive done for you audio
  • Complete Transcript of program
  • In depth reflective financial journaling tasks
  • Supportive Exercises to work on at your own pace
  • Opportunity for questions and psychic answers

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Freeing yourself to receive wealth is often a very elaborate and intricate process, that is not completed in a certain period of time. With subliminal programming and intermittent reinforcement through society and caretakers at large, people tend to associate money with a negative bias. This leads them to painful, chaotic and even catastrophic situations in their financial lives, often resulting in debt and other monetary struggles. Exploring the jewels that lie within you to allow you to richly and freely enjoy the abundance of this, planet is a process. It will bring up many deeply rooted poverty guards and issues not previously dealt with, and will encourage you to quit and leave.

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