Money has it’s own rules. Rules, that are kept away from the masses and especially, from women at large. It is time to initiate you into the secret magnetism code to wildly profit from your business & life
– The Spartanite

    4 months of Spartanite Divine Feminine Wealth Magnetism + Manifestation Transformational Mentoring

    Women have been told that they do not have access to large amounts of wealth, unless it is by somehow winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance and/or by sheer luck. Nowhere is a woman so terrified of money when she has little or a lot, however rather when she does not know how to create a relationship with, manage and invest her cashflow, adequately. Magnetism and Manifestation, aligns a woman with her Divine Feminine Finance Principles, to live life, as a blissfully wealthy woman.

    What’s Included?

    • A thorough spiritual, mental, emotional and financial psychic health upgrade to welcome you into your new magnetic life where you can easily magnetise money towards you and retain it
    • 7x one on one mentoring every two weeks 90 minutes
    • Unlimited email support
    • 24/7 unlimited access to audio modules + Surprise Bonuses
    • Explorative discovery exercises to complete with ongoing accountability and feedback on being in a wealthy state of mind at all times
    • Birthday Cartomancy analysis to understand how you attract wealth into your life and how you can leverage your personal placements
    • Strategies and clarity how to leverage your Cartomancy placements and how they deeply affect your ability to behave a certain way with people.
    • Leveraging the power of your feminine, erotic energy to magnetize money towards yourself
    • Open the floodgates of financial abundance and layering energetic wealth gateways to make you a living, breathing opportunity magnet
    • Exploring sex and money connection, and using your root and sacral chakras to empower your sexy money “signal” into the Universe

    £9997.00 GBP (Payment Plans available)


    I will help you tune up your money frequency for real wealth creation and money magnetism





    Why work with Me?

    • I will hold you in love, light and compassion
    • I will understand you; support you energetically, spiritually and mentally
    • I empathise with how you feel as I’ve been there
    • I will only work with you if I honestly feel I can be of service and help you
    • I will share with you my personal experiences, psychic and spiritual insight, strength and hope
    • I will guide you from a sacred place of truth, honesty and authenticity


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