Attracting infinite abundance, requires a certain winning mindset. Without that mindset, all the sales, marketing and business strategies, are merely, a gimmick.
– The Spartanite

You have successfully completed the Pre Wealth Audio program and you are now aware that there is an abundance and a scarcity mindset, however you’ve got more questions on the matter and I have answers that you have been searching for.

Does this sound like you?
  • You know you want to have a grand life, and yet don’t have an implementable plan you can follow?
  • You wish to discover your TRUE FINANCIAL value to the world and step into the bold power to claim it?
  • You want access to better, paying dream clients yet you’re not sure where to begin and how to show up as high value, yourself?
  • You want to know how money can work for you, instead you slaving away for it and not making the desired progress?
  • You desire to know the secret of having empowered, balanced emotions towards handling money?
  • Do you wish to uncover the toxic core money beliefs that can be the hidden wall between allowing yourself to receive large amounts of money?
  • Do you have some feminine blocks around the masculine skill of elimination of toxic people/situations/places, in order to make true space to receive Divine Abundance?
  • Feeling like you may have trouble deciding your wealth barometer and what you feel you TRULY deserve?
  • Are you ready to attract the money, abundance and Success of your dreams—once and for all?



A deep, healthy, life-changing relationship with money, is possible—and you deserve it. Allow me to help you achieve it.


Why work with Me?
  • I will hold you in love, light and compassion
  • I will understand you; support you energetically, spiritually and mentally
  • I empathise how you feel as I’ve been there
  • I will only work with you if I honestly feel I can be of service and help you
  • I will share with you my personal experiences, psychic and spiritual insight, strength and hope
  • I will guide you from a sacred place of truth, honesty and authenticity
What will I get from this program?
  • A comprehensive mental, emotional and financial health check to assess where you’re at, where you wish to be and what we need to do together, to bridge that gap.
  • 13 x One on one mentoring ever two weeks 90 minutes
  • Unlimited email support
  • 24/7 unlimited access to audio modules
  • Explorative discovery exercises to complete with ongoing accountability and feedback
  • Cultivating a winning mindset, that allows you truly build wealth and maintain it
  • Deep insight and clarity on leveraging your personal power to empower your wealth building journey
  • A strong, yet safe place where all your concerns, fears and anxieties, are laid to rest and given a place to be properly addressed, allowing you to move forward with confidence

£8,995.00 GBP (Payment Plans available)


What you can expect to become A Spartanite Goddess
  • Has a clear mission and purpose in life
  • Combines head, heart and spirit in her decision making
  • Is mentally, spiritually and emotionally mature
  • Balances her masculine and feminine energies for Success
  • Uplifts other women on her Goddess journey, to join her

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