90-Minute Spartanite Spiritual Consultation


You have questions. I have answers.

Stop wondering. Start Living. As human beings, we often see with our two eyes, but miss the heart of a situation. Are you searching for a way to achieve dominance in your business? Do you want to unravel if that certain someone is right for you? Maybe you’re looking to make your next career move? Never go into a business deal, friendship or marriage without knowing someone’s true nature and what you’re dealing with.

*This covers direct channel from my Spiritual Court on all your matters.



Often times, we have a burning set of questions, over either one specific area, or a plethora of them and want to dive in deep, no holds barred.

This consultation explores your 3 questions with myself, in depth as well as any solutions that may be required to resolve the issues.

This consultation, can also be used as a strategy session for yourself, combining my voidwalker and psychic insight to help you stay ahead and win at life.

Please come to the session relaxed, prepared and allow the information that is channeled out, to sit with you for a while. Also, be aware that the Truth, may not what you wish to hear, however my job as a responsible reader for you, is not to give you what you wish to hear. It is to give you the necessary situation at hand and how to resolve it. Approach this divination with a mature, responsible, adult and open mind.

If you have any further questions, please revert to the FAQ section on the Spartanite Website.

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