Crystal Body Of Venus – Ideal Weight Bracelet


The Feminine Struggle with Weight Loss, is real. Women are constantly reminded that they need to “lose weight”, and often resort to unhealthy tactics and gimmicks, to do so. Excessive weight affects a woman’s self image, her sexual confidence, and her ability to feel worthy. If you’re tired of struggling with diets, workout programmes, and binging on unhealthy food, this bracelet is for you.

Every woman possesses a unique code for her own ideal healthy weight and this bracelet empowers you with that. Using the Planetary Threads of Lunar, VENUSIAN and Cancerian energies, as well as Bio-Vibrational Scalar Energies and Arabian/Chaldean Magick, this Body Of Venus bracelet, provides for gentle mental re-wiring of how you approach your relationship with food, your overall diet, and physical exercise. It allows you to finally begin eating healthy, maintaining your exercise routines and flush out any excess cellular and toxic waste, leaving your body lighter, beautiful, and glowing.

This bracelet will also make you feel ultra feminine, thanks to Planet Venus, herself.



EMPOWERS you to make better choices and decisions with your food

EMBOLDENS you to take up the workout routines that allow you to achieve fast results for a toned body.

BEAUTIFY your complexion and energies with a new healthier you.

Please allow 15 Business Days for your bracelet to be selected, consecrated with ritual and shipped.

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