Emerald Feminine Radiance Bracelet


Tired of struggling with low self-confidence ? Sick of hiding away from people and great things — with low self worth? Have you ever felt not good or not worthy enough for anything grand in life? This magnetic piece of art is for you. Using bio-vibrational scalar energy + Arabian Magick, it heals all the negative energies and thoughts you may be subliminally carrying and replaces them with confidence, charisma and self-love. This bracelet allows your real beauty to shine through. You’ll feel balanced, confident and powerfully feminine like never before.




Please allow this 15 business days of this beautiful bracelet to be custom purchased, enchanted and consecrated via ritual as well as shipped out to your chosen destination. You will be e-mailed and notified when your bracelet has been shipped, alongside your tracking number.

If you have any further questions, please revert to the FAQ’s section of the Spartanite Website.

Please be sure to email us your full name, address along with any jewellery or precious stone preferences.