King Clauneck Channel Reading


King Clauneck, one of the Spirits found in the Grimorium Verum, classed as the Astral Accountant and keeper of the Spirit Treasury. Using my connection to the Goetic being Clauneck, spirit of wealth and business/commerce domains, I will answer five questions about your business strategy/professional life on how to generate and retain money.



Clauneck has definitely paid a visit to your realm, as only those whom he chooses to associate with, heed his guidance and valuable mentorship. He is the Astral Treasurer and keeper of the Spirit Bank Vault.  Business/Financial guidance from him, is second to none.

Please heed his guidance with respect, as he only works with the dedicated and committed. An on going relationship with Clauneck, is possible, please inquire if interested.

If you have any further questions, please revert to the FAQ’s section of the Spartanite Website.

Upon purchasing your reading please be sure to email us your full name, and your 5 serious questions along with any additional notes you would like myself or Clauneck to know about you or your situation, before hand: