Permanent Energetic Cord Cutting Ritual


Unhealthy, trauma bonds are often challenging, if not impossible to break. If you are tired of thinking about a person, feeling confused, lost and drained as well as “attached” to someone when the dynamic has long ended, chances are you require an energetic cord cutting. As your cords are severed from all unhealthy and toxic connections, your energy is restored to you and you are fully in control of your life again. This is only for negative, toxic cords. Healthy cords filled with Love, will not be affected.



Done remotely over the space of a week, in consecrated ritual with an athame and a rite, anything that holds you back will be removed from your life. Sometimes, we want to end a relationship in our heart after the dynamic itself has long gone, but the cords do not allow us to. Cord cutting is ESSENTIAL, especially after sex, if it is not your partner, as you now have the individual’s energy that will bleed into your system and merge into your energy fields.

Please submit a picture of yourself and the person from whom the cords are to be unhooked, as well as full names and dates of birth.

For any questions, please contact us directly, right here.