Ruby Feminine Sexual Magnetism & Charm Bracelet


Sexual Magnetism and Charm, makes a woman mysteriously appealing. You may find yourself using all the pheromones, cosmetics, fragrances and surgical enhancements to boost up your sex appeal. If you want to radiate HOT sexy confidence and be flooded with admirers, compliments, and attention, this is for you.

Using Egyptian Sex Magick and the Dark Feminine energies of Goddess Lilith and Lady Aicha Kandicha & Qamaria, this bracelet will unlock your erotic chakra (close to your root chakra) to align with the energies of Red Lust Magick of The Night as well create intense sexual arousal in your body lasting for short bursts to signify when you are on the right track in life. It allows you to have a clear map of your life & destiny, to zone into what is your desired life path by rewarding you with orgasmic pleasure when you engage with a person/situation that is in alignment with you.

This bracelet will also enhance your facial features to make you more appealing in the eyes of men, provide clear skin and Goddess like charm for you to revel in as well as ramp up your sex life to XXX levels.

It’s time to choose the fastest path to PLEASURE.



CREATES INTENSE SEXUAL AROUSAL & HEAT in your body when you’re on the right track, allowing you delicious and pleasurable confirmation that you’re on the correct path.

ENHANCES your facial features, brightens your complexion and adds a mysterious, erotic charm similar to a heady, sensual perfume.

OPENS your erotic chakra to be in sexual alignment with your Divine Feminine energies and enjoy mind-blowing sexual encounters by stoking the blood lust of Fires inside whomever you wish to ignite. You will feel this as a deep sexual heat in your root and sacral chakras as a sign that it is aligned with you.