Spartanite Royal Al-Shams Solar Magickal Magnetism Box


Who wants to shine like a star, if you can be the Sun? Ideal for those seeking true LEADERSHIP, INFLUENTIAL POWER and RESPECT in their life, this unique piece shields you from evil, blesses you with great fortune in everything you touch and is considered the Midas Touch of Arabia. Taken from Al-Shams, meaning The Sun, in Arabic, this magickal Solar magnetism box is designed through Arabian and Planetary Magick, and allows you to walk through life with Solar Strength, magnetising all one can desire through life. A real treat for those in high-powered Leadership, Business and Professional realms looking to gain that Xtra EDGE to life, this incredible box is for you.



This box is perfect for those who are in the public eye, who wish to influence others and be seen as honourable, virtuous and of LEADERSHIP. Used by Arabian Royalty and Merchants, this box acts as a “launch pad” for the Sun itself and will align you with all the benefits that Solar energy provides us in the human realms. Ideal for those who practice public speaking, mentoring, authors, political leaders, and those in positions of power in their workplaces. You will never be looked over again and will possess full command over your life, as you see fit.


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