Spartanite Royal Arabian Magickal Money Multiplier Box


This money multiplier box is ideal for aspiring and established Entrepreneurs alike, as well as those looking to move up the career ladder, desiring to attract consistent cashflow, clients, deals, opportunities, rewards and overall live an abundant lifestyle where scarcity, struggle and lack are a thing of the past. Designed with Arabian and Planetary magick, this box is crafted in a manner to allow money to cling to your very DNA to attract money to you 24/7.

In Ancient times, many figures of Arabian Royalty and Rich Merchants, possessed a similar sort of box to magnetise wealth, influence, and riches to themselves. A royal ritual is performed and attached to this incredible box, to bring you the life you desire. To be used in conjunction with the Wealth Magnetism Bracelet , which creates the solid base to reap the rewards that this incredible box will bring you.



This box is perfect for those who already possess a container to receive money, ideally. It will produce money and opportunities, however if your mind isn’t already strengthened to money, you will struggle to receive it. In that instance, the Wealth Magnetism bracelet, will align your money to hold the money that this wealth box will manifest for you.

Please provide your full name, date of birth and your recent picture for this box to be linked to you.

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