Spartanite Birth Chart + 60 minute Psychic Consultation


The planets and the stars are a fascinating phenomenon. Whether we wish to admit it or not, their influence governs us heavily and we are wise to move in alignment with them.
Sometimes, we’re unsure why we behave the way we do. Friends, family members and acquaintances comment on our behaviour. What’s great about a chart reading is that there are absolutely no variables. It works with your place, date and time of birth and accurately shows the different facets of your personality that form the person you are today. Be the master of self-mastery and one with your destiny. Stop leaving things to chance and discover the REAL you. Combine this with a personal psychic analysis and you’ll have never-accessed-before insight into yourself and your character.

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This consultation is deal for those who want to discover more about themselves, and how this kind of spiritual wisdom will assist them in having a better love life, gaining better clients and living a fulfilled life on their own terms.

After purchasing your reading you will receive a personalised email confirmation with a calendar link to book in you reading.