Spartanite Pre Wealth


Does this sound familiar?

•You work hard but struggle to attract the money you know you deserve

•You have trouble attracting clients who are willing to honour your services and pay you what you deserve

•You feel that no matter how much you get it’s never enough?

•You’ve made lots of money but struggle to hold on to it (self sabotage)

•You feel no matter how hard you’ve worked you still just cannot seem to get a promotion/pay rise?


You will receive :

•Ability to stand in your power and unapologetically ask for what you want.

•Attract DREAM clients who pay on time, you have a great relationship with them and they give you referrals

•Identify, discover and eliminate wealth blocks, leaving you feeling blissful and courageous to live your dream life.

•You will hold on to money and will incorporate to make investing money fun and simple

•You will overcome any chakra blocks to provide joyful services to others and be a natural feminine leader.

•You will be a money and abundance magnet!

•Clear the wreckage of your past and be empowered with bounding self confidence.



  • Instant, lifetime access to the program
  • Comprehensive Audio
  • Complete Transcript of program
  • In depth reflective financial journaling tasks
  • Supportive Exercises to work on at your own pace