Spartanite Road Opener Ritual


If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, be it financially, romantically or otherwise–this ritual is for you. Sometimes, you can do everything in life and not achieve results because you unwittingly have negative energy, black magick or djinn spirits attached to your aura, that create severe havoc and blockages. You desire life to go one way, and it goes the other. This ritual is performed with powerful Arabian & Planetary Magick, allowing whatever holds you back to melt away, welcoming in your new life, filled with happiness, peace and prosperity in your chosen area.



Excellent for eliminating romantic and financial blockages. If you’re tired of being sick and tired, this Road Opener Ritual is perfect for you. It is time to be spiritually free of what subliminally holds you back based on your cellular and auric bodies. This is a CUSTOM RITUAL and we perform complimentary diagnostics to inform you of your situation and proceed to undertake this ritual.

This ritual is accepting of ALL faiths, traditions and beliefs and produces grand results, across the board.