Stainless Steel Men’s Bold Masculine Clarity Bracelet


Half of winning the battle in life, is knowing someone’s real intentions. As a man, you are always told to remain logical, and yet this very logic has been used against you for millennia. Embrace revolutionary bold masculine intuitive clarity by discerning someone’s true face and dealing with the individual/situation as fit. Using the planetary threads of Mercurial and Neptunium energies as well as bio-vibrational scalar energy + Arabian Magick, the bracelet will fully reveal and unravel your main areas of concern, chiefly — Women, Wealth, and Winning.

Drink from the Chalice of Obsidian Clarity and effortlessly get ahead, drama and hassle free.



ENHANCE your Bold Masculine Clarity,  allowing you to see people for what they are, not what they pretend to be.

INCREASE your psychic ability to the Spirit realm, allowing you FULL confidence to make the correct decisions at a time, where confusion and deception are at an all time high.

OBTAIN Spiritual inspiration and attunements for your Divine Masculine Life


Please allow 15 Business Days for your bracelet to be selected, consecrated with ritual and shipped.

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