The Dutchess B Package – Elegance, Charm & Femininity by Lady Duchess Bune


Ladylike Grace, Charm, and Feminine Elegance, is not just reserved for the Aristocratic classes.

The near extinct Womanly art of Refinement and Poise, is something many modern women struggle with. With increased Masculine way of behaving, women unconsciously are sabotaging their love life, the way they carry themselves, and have little understanding of genuine Femininity. Using the threads of Lunar energy and the wisdom of Lady Dutchess Bune, Spirit of Money, Femininity, and Seduction — this package is lovingly creating to empower your femininity, elegance, and grace. It will help you discover femininity & feminine consciousness in all it’s forms, reject the toxic and destructive notions of Feminism, and heal your heart to carry yourself like a Queen.

Being a Lady, never goes out of Style — Duchess Bune



Your Dutchess B Package Includes the following :

A Magickally Enchanted Rose pendant made from miniature real rose petals and sealed with 24 K gold, helping you step into your charm, magnetism, elegance, poise, and refinement without all the hardwork of “Etiquette training”. This pendant works similar to our Spartanite Enchanted Bracelets.

A Rose based Perfume with hints of cherry, pink pepper, and vanilla bean.

A signature chocolate box topped with 23K carat gold leaf for exclusive and ultimate Spartanite Decadence.

A Magickally Enchanted Rose Quartz “Gu Sha” Face Roller to improve, firm, and brighten your complexion for Feminine Radiance.