Red label Renegades

Spartanite 6 month mastermind intensive

Are you fed up with all these “high ticket” programmes that promise you the world but don’t deliver?

People may understand how business works however they lack the depth gained from real world understanding.

Many coaches and/or mentors lack ACCESS to the Spirit Realm so they cannot SEE.

Aren’t you tired of looking at mentor programmes that ALL look and sound the same?

There is a reason for that.

It is because they are all cookie cutter copycats and ultimately has very little to do with you.

Your uniqueness is not seen, witnessed, or validated. Many people are operating from a very limited view of the world and their limitations become yours. You’ve LIVED a full life with both ups and downs and you need someone who can guide you through your DIVINE UPGRADE.

Does this describe you?

If so, then you really need meaningful help.

You may have even paid handsomely for help that just seemed to always be missing something.

And that something was YOU.

Perhaps you have made decisions before that you came to regret and then it’s created doubt in your ability to choose wisely for yourself.

Perhaps you have been influenced by the way your family made decisions for you, depleting your innate sovereignty. At this moment in time, with the world on fire, you need to make decisions that are accurate, that will yield results, and that will change the trajectory of your life.

You know you’re different and it has felt like a liability, however you’re aware that it is actually a strength to be this way.

Yet you don’t know how to realise and actualise it…

What if instead of re-living the experience you’ve had your whole life— in terms of being told what to think—, you could experience a Divine Upgrade that equips you with HOW to think. An independent thinker, if you may.

If that sounds like you, keep reading…

Experience Your Divine Upgrade

Those that walk the Divine, never follow the path of the masses. They march to the beat of their own drum whether they receive approval or not.

You’ve been called weird like I was, a weirdo, a misfit, an outcast, a nuisance, a threat, difficult, non-compliant, argumentative, rebellious, and generally, misunderstood.

You’ve longed for a place to call home.

A place of people just like yourself that understood you, without feeling awkward, cringey, or worse, lonely.

What if you could be held in a sacred space where your uniqueness, rebelliousness, and intelligence was supported, celebrated, curated, and amplified? What if you had all of the forces of the Spirit realm in your corner, giving you “just in time” support for what you desire most?

..then stay with me a little longer…

You want to belong somewhere. You want a tribe, peers, and colleagues. You want real love, a real life, and yet you don’t seem satisfied by them; because you’re different.


You have tried all the conventional ways of dealing with polite society and it eludes you.

That is because by design, society is a trap to keep you in a state of disempowerment.

There may be a part of you that is still afraid to fully embrace being different because your experiences around being YOU, have not always been the best. Since you march to the beat of your own drum, you are willing to explore things that others have often been closed off to.

Perhaps you have even dabbled in the Spirit Realm but want to claim it with a real sense of authority, command, and power.

Now is the time to let your rebellious renegade SHINE and SOAR…

…in this sacred space with other rebels, misfits, and renegades like yourself.

This level of support will energize, create cohesion, and support you in shining your brightest starry self.

Once upon a time, I sought approval and looked for it in all the wrong places and it wrecked my entire life. As I healed myself from the thirst of approval, I vowed that I would never rely on others to validate me again and I do the same for those I lead, today.

Let’s face it, in a world on fire NO ONE will be spared the necessity of being THEMSELVES.

If you have been able to get by with this so far, I have news for you...This new era will require you to be more of your true self than ever before.

You can no longer afford to act like even a hint of something you are not. A world on fire requires those whose souls are on fire!

I created my own sovereignty, my own freedom, my own life. Now, I will do the same for you.

creating my own sovereignty

Come Home to Your True Self

You don’t need to spend another day playing out the role assigned to you by society or family or anything else that is outside of you.

You can finally come home to your true self. I keep rebellious renegades on track by allowing them to just be who they are without trying to mould them into something they are not.

I have not only walked the difficult path of healing myself and creating my own sovereignty—, with the help of the Spirit realm—, I have also assisted others in navigating through the most complex and challenging situations in all areas of their lives.

I find that most people need help in the following areas:

  • Freedom – What will it take for you to ACTUALLY free yourself? Whether set in motion from your family construct or from other “places…, suppression instead of freedom, – can bleed into expression, creativity, survival, lifestyle. The key to mastering this is liberating yourself from the expectations of others and allowing yourself to march to the beat of your own drum.
  • Business/career – What if you could leap from a survival paradigm to one where you could fully leverage your innate gifts and talents, allowing you to shine and glow and earn a living from your true purpose?… I have helped clients do this by rewiring their wealth paradigm… This takes a deconstruction of old identities (wealth is not “out there”) and constructing internal value so that you can STAND in the knowledge that wealth is your birthright.
  • Creativity – Whatever your income path, I know that you need to fuel this path with your creativity because creativity yields inspiration, the power to think and dream, imagine and execute. This reservoir must be unblocked for you to realize your fullest potential. In our work together we unleash this by stopping your internal censorship and giving you access to ideas and abilities from the higher realms.
  • Feminine and masculine balancing – This is an often misunderstood but crucial part of realizing true sovereignty. We all have aspects of both elements that need to be fully realized but sadly what passes for knowledge of this today is the most shallow version of what is truly possible. What if I could show you the deepest dimensions of these realms so that you can show up in your fullest possible power?
Together we will uncover the primal power that accelerates results in all areas of your life.

Find Truth and Clarity

It is better to be confused than to actually understand the reason(s) WHY you are confused.

You THINK that you are looking for answers, but you are actually looking for truth and clarity. You BELIEVE that you are looking for answers but what if I told you that you actually have so many of the answers already inside of you.

One thing you could do is take a true inventory of all the people that have access to you and write down whether they are an asset or liability to you.


We don’t often realize that those who have access to us can do the greatest damage. I have helped so many people clear out envious, bad “actors” that directly damage their lives. Because I am clairsentient and access the higher realms I have access to a realm of intelligence that many never experience or witness.

What if I could put this in service of your goals and your highest aspirations?

What if by taking yourself seriously, the world finally took you seriously, and you could then take the world by storm?

I have helped others do it and now I want to help you do it! I will help you do it in a sacred space that has a few hand-selected, like minded people…

I won’t give you easy answers, because there are none. But I will assist you in getting real answers. Answers that will change the direction of your life forever.

Most people are afraid of death because they are afraid they haven’t truly lived.

What if you could live so fully, so realized that you never feared anything or anyone again even in a world on fire, you can finally master the issues of true Divine inheritance and legacy!

What if you were willing to stand in your truth, allowing it to become an asset and not a liability? What if you could design a life that was authentic to you so that you were fulfilled?

  • I have helped people gain REAL confidenceand clarity to create 6 and 7 figure businesses, to revolutionize their relationships, to break free of negative patterns, habits, and harmful familial imprints.
  • I have helped people throw off the destructive aspects of dark magic and use high frequency healthy magic to help them thrive.
  • I have helped people restore their health, vibrance, and vitality after overcoming deep trauma.
What would it take for you to stop resisting your worthiness?
Your deservedness?
Your birthright?

Those that I help find that they receive so much more. That they are fueled with inspiration and ideas. That they turn dreams into outcomes with great ease. That they receive answers to questions that they longed to understand.

Wouldn’t you love to be part of the winning team?

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