Whether you are openly psychic or hide it, your gift is a blessing. You can see, hear, feel and intuit things that the average person cannot, and you want to walk a more liberated and practical path for yourself and those whom you wish to serve. However, you may not always have the most pragmatic, concrete ways on doing so, and this leaves you feeling a bit awkward with those who do not understand you. It is time to use your gift and walk with your purpose to confidently align with the destiny of your dream life.

WHO is this program for?

This course is best suited for the woman who is:

  • Spiritually sensitive and wants to be more Practical and Pragmatic about using it
  • The hidden psychic, who feels energy but isn’t comfortable or confident in owning her Divine Power, openly to the world.
  • The Empath/Clairsentient & those who are already walking a Spiritual Path with their Psychic ability who wish to build concretely.
  • Open minded and curious on how to divinate for herself and others. Examples include reading auras, energies, using cards, dice etc
  • Increasing feminine power and confidence in their psychic gift
  • One who wants to charge for her time and Spirit wisdom, but doesn’t have a practical plan on doing so.
WHY this program for you

This programme is for you; whether you are already a psychic/spiritual woman openly to the world or one who is hidden and is afraid what others may think of your gift. Either way, you can benefit from this. Every Spiritually Sensitive Spartanite deserves a happy life rich in otherworldly knowledge and the practical ways on how to use it. You also deserve to make a great rich lifestyle by using your wonderful gift to assist others.

#You may be dabbling with working with your gift and the other realm, and wish to get super comfortable knowing it. You may be secretly spiritual and feel awkward sharing that piece of power with others who you feel, may not understand you and you long for a place that you can deeply connect with.

You probably desire to connect strongly with your gift, and nurture it in order to walk that path for yourself and if you wish, charge money however do not know the correct “formulae” on how to be paid generously for it. This blissful course, also teaches us about protection as a Diviner and how to ensure you come from an empowered place.

What’s the Program Consist of?

This Trilogy of Spiritual courses, has 3 levels that will allow you to seamlessly move through the important stages of your Spiritual ascension, where not only do you discover who you are, you help others do so. They have been designed to hold you with strength and courage, both in light and darkness. Your ascension does not have to be difficult. We have done all the hard work for you!


Yes you do. However, if you have an open mind and are willing to walk the path, you will be considered.

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