“ People are more what they hide, than what they show. Are you ready to embrace your Dark Feminine? ”
– The Spartanite

Do you relate to the following?
  • You know you are here for something, a greater purpose but are unsure what it is or how to find out more
  • You feel like you were mean to serve and help people
  • You have an internal knowing, or intuition and feeling about people and things before they happen and don’t know what to do with it
  • You’re curious and want to know how you get into alignment with your intuitive gifts and sense of knowing
  • You may feel unsure, confused and are seeking guidance and direction
  • You have a feeling you may have some spiritual gifts but are unsure how to incorporate them into your life
  • You’d like to find out more about the spiritual and psychic real and your gifts in a way that is practical not woo woo
  • You know that you want to charge wild money to assist others, however may have some limiting beliefs around this and don’t know how to do so?


I will empower you to walk with your
Divine Gift, liberated, free and wealthy
to live life on your own terms.
– The Spartanite
Why work with Me?
  • I will hold you in love, light and compassion
  • I will understand you; support you energetically, spiritually and mentally
  • I empathise how you feel as I’ve been there
  • I will only work with you if I honestly feel I can be of service and help you
  • I will share with you my personal experiences, psychic and spiritual insight, strength and hope
  • I will guide you from a sacred place of truth, honesty and authenticity
What will you receive?
  • Clarity and confidence in your own spirituality
  • Empowerment to be bold about your psychic gift to others
  • Charge what you are truly worth and get paid for it
  • Practicality with your Spiritual gift by marrying your Inner Masculine & Feminine Banks
  • Pragmatic ways to increase your spiritual and magickal feminine power
  • Strategies on how to quickly connect to your Higher Self + Read Auras
  • Being bold, unstoppable and powerful in your life calling + destiny
This course is best suited for the psychic priestess who is:
  • Ready and willing to take action. She doesn’t spend months and years thinking IF something is right for her or not.
  • Not concerned about what other people will think and doesn’t spend precious energy approval seeking.
  • Courageous, open and curious to see and hear the truth for what it is, not what she has been told it is.
  • Dedicated with time, money and understand it is an energetic investment in herself and the other women she is designed to serve.
  • Aware that this is a process and results do not show up overnight.
Introduction to your Spiritual Goddess Program
  • Instant, lifetime access to the program
  • Comprehensive audio
  • Complete Transcript of program
  • In depth reflective journaling tasks
  • Exercises to work on at your own pace
  • 60mins psychic and spiritual break through call to discuss your answers and provide you with guidance on the next steps
  • Opportunity for questions and psychic answers

£1,997.00 GBP


Walking the liberating and empowered path, is a time consuming endeavour—and not many are willing to do so. It can take months and years to gain Spiritual Mastery, mastery that the average human can only dream of. Whether you are already an established psychic or one that is called to this realm, your challenges will be a hundredfold different to those that live in the mundane. Discovering how to harness and power the energy(ies) that are all around you, will allow you to comfortably step up and finally attain the confidence that you desire, to charge what you wish—if you may. It will bring up many biases to be challenged, so please show up with an open mind.
As this is a pre-requisite for Program 2, women are required to be aware, open minded, proactive and willing of their mental and conscious states, on a basic level, before I am able to mentor them, personally.

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