Life is more than just a carefully constructed and appropriate ribbon, all neat and clean. Knowledge of Self is a powerful and forbidden rite. Venture into the void with me and discover the Ultimate Truth
– The Spartanite

An indepth 3 month mentoring, exclusively available to women who have moved through Stages 1-2 of Spartanite Spiritual Goddess Series. Recommended for women who wish to venture and dive deep into the arcane and forbidden Spiritual words, where nothing but power and domination lie.

Be the ultimate void walker and walk through life, at your command

What’s Included?
  • Deep psychic and spiritual discovery call to identify their needs, wants and desires and how the program can best serve you?
  • 7 sessions approximately 1 hour to dig deep to understand the best way to support you in achieving your desires and self discovery
  • Deep exploration of forbidden, occult knowledge that allows you to successfully and confidently master your destiny
  • A full deep reprogramme of your aura, adding additional power to your winning energy
  • Additional wisdom on planetary magick, sigils, veves as well as using your natal chart to command Success at will
  • Prosperity and Wealth Fortunas Rites that will allow you to manifest anything positive you desire at express speed
  • Goddess Protection Work to keep you completely unharmed and safe, both on the physical and astral planes

£9997.00 GBP (Payment Plans available)

Allow me to share with you carefully guarded secrets to embolden your path as a Void walker
What will I get from this program?
  • Understanding of light and dark spirituality
  • Awareness and knowledge in self care to protect yourself as a psychic
  • An understanding of how to read and interpret auras
  • Access to esoteric knowledge
  • Understanding of the lunar cycles
  • Introduction to reading planetary magic and birth charts
  • Exploration of how to use planets and sigils
  • Understanding of how to use tarot and pendulums
  • Opportunity for further psychic and spiritual support, mentoring and coaching
Why work with me?
  • There is no judgment and you are in a safe place
  • Because I’ve been there and done that, so I know how you feel!
  • I will only work with you, if I feel I can be of service to you
  • I possess access to many “hidden gems” of Esoteric knowledge that will empower you strongly
  • I will guide you from a sacred place of truth, honesty and authenticity
  • I will understand you; support you energetically, spiritually and mentally
  • I will hold you accountable and work with you to eliminate any stuck and negative thought beliefs and patterns around owning your worth and power
What you can expect to become

A Spartanite Priestess…

  • Will transform her aura into Goddess Power
  • Will be attuned to a Goddess of her choice
  • Is confident, powerful, capable in all areas of life
  • Will consistently and easily be able to communicate her financial worth without awkwardness or hesitation
  • Will not allow anything in the mundane realms, to affect her
  • Will use her new found knowledge for RIGHTEOUS PURPOSES ONLY

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