Image consulting to make you POP

Dressing well is a form of manners and self respect

Sartorial confidence is unmistakable

To be a goddess, is fine art. 

From fashion modelling to makeup artistry – being a well dress sorceress is one of my favourite goddess arts to share. Teaming up with the Goddesses, Bastet and Her Royal Highness, Lady Duchess Bune; we present to you….
….The art of dressing up

Embodying the confidence of the goddess – her candor, wit, style, enthusiasm, and, energy ; enflaming your physical presence to dominate your sphere with aplomb.

Why I chose Styling to help you look your best?

Style by Spartanite was not created just to help you look your best. Certainly looking your best is a by product of this individual working, however the purpose is to open doors for you. 

Sharpening your presence makes you unforgettable and warms people up to you. I enhance your savoir faire, “clothing charm”,  and, poise to boost your confidence and command in a room.

You are most likely aligned to Style by Spartanite if:

  • You are interested in the worlds of fashion, art, and, design
  • You are looking for a motivational boost in your mindset and wardrobe
  • You know looking good is a necessity, not a luxury
  • You are looking to increase and layer your levels of sophistication
  • You want to learn about accessorizing and adding glamour to your life
  • You see others look “put together” however don’t know where to begin
  • You’re ready to step into the “couture” version of yourself

If these words speak to your soul, and you feel like you’re ready for that luxury haute empowerment, join my 3 month Style by Spartanite private mentoring taking you from flat to phat, diva style.

Style by Spartanite

Private 1:1 mentorship (online or in person) that provides an unmistakably glamorous sophistiCAT in the worlds of haute couture fashion, presentability, grooming, confidence, and, placing your best foot forward to sashay like the goddess you always were.

Style by Spartanite

The details:

  1. One-to-one 60 min mentoring session, twice per month for 3 months with unlimited email conversations. This gives you the support you need during the 3 month programme.
  2. Discover of your body shape, composition, and, palette constructions. We begin from the basics of what suits your face, body, and, the type of energy you emit to style you correctly.
  3. Create your style identity and personality – ensuring you always look “pret a porter” no matter where you are. This includes creating a capsule wardrobe.
  4. Ritual beauty work to increase your confidence and abilities to desire to glow.
  5. full shopping day VIP experience accompanied with a luxurious lunch with me, your guide and stylist in a department store (if based in London) OR a £250 GBP (or equivalent of your currency) personal styling gift certificate to be used at your discretion + luxury Spartanite gift bag with high value beauty, fashion, & wellbeing items.

The investment

3 Months Online Mentoring : £3,500

In Person Mentoring (Inclusive of VIP day experience +luxury gift bag) : £5,000

Step up to stand out

If you’re ready to be the fashionista you’ve seen every other stylish woman being, with the radiance and confidence in your unique self- Style by Spartanite is your answer. 

Want Express Style advice without the 90 day commitment?

Click here to invest in a personal consultation to get you runway ready in 60 mins!