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The Spartanite, is a world-renowned Self Empowerment Movement, that guides you to create healthy, balanced and empowered dynamics, in all areas of your life. We ignite a fiery passion in you, to overcome challenging emotions such as guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, depression and a loss of personal power surrounding various situations in your daily living — so you can finally transform the way you approach life.
The Spartanite motivates you to confidently create the life of your desires and dreams. Our work radically enhances the paradigms in which you perceive Love, Wealth and Spirituality — enabling a revolutionary concept to create a seismic shift that impacts generations to come.

Our Leader

I am Nadia Arain, Founder of The Spartanite, Award Winning Author, Mentor & Clairsentient Psychic. You can read more about my story HERE click here

Many years ago, I struggled with the sudden collapse of my first business, leaving me stranded, strapped for cash, broke, hopeless and nowhere to turn to. I am grateful to have a great life now, but I had to overcome many past traumas including the death of my Father, being a PTSD survivor after narcissistic abuse and demonic negative entity possession.

One day, I realised I couldn’t take the pain any longer. I would either have to fight to change, or die. I knew something had to change…I knew I, personally had to change. I realised I needed to seek help for my broken relationship with money, and life itself. I visited a spiritual man who helped free me from the possession and magickal binds I was under for years, without my knowledge. That is when I could finally start to rebuild my life from scratch and live consciously which is the base of my well being, today.

I was finally able to live life on my own terms, free, healthy, wealthy and happy—something I could have never done if I had not made the very difficult choice to free myself from the binds that were keeping me stuck and trapped, indefinitely.Now, I empower women globally with my psychic & metaphysical ability and possessing Clairsentient and claircognizant psychic abilities, I am able to pick up on people’s true emotions, thoughts and feelings at rapid speed and translate them into the modern world for transformation, liberation and empowerment.

Belvia, my well-known Spirit Guide, allows me to serve others, richly, through the wisdom and advice of the Other Realm. She is present in all my workings, and very much a part of my life as my Spirit sister.

I am dedicated to emboldening women, like yourself to embrace the power that’s already within them. I know first hand the complicated messages women receive. Today, I teach about Finances, Love and The Occult, through metaphysical and spiritual ways that guarantee winning results. Having used them all myself to repair all my own past damage, I share it with countless men and women, to finally rise in their own power and lead a blissful wealthy life with their wonderful partner by their side.

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