90 Day Money Manifestation Mentoring

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90 Day Money Manifestation Mentoring – £4,997

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Money is the Magickal key that makes the world turn. Learn about the overlooked laws that govern money. Use that knowledge to divert the river of cash flow in your direction. Business acumen and classroom study are no substitute for understanding the metaphysical aspects of attracting wealth. Learn how you can step into Abundance and Prosperity in 90 days.

This mentorship is based on scheduled mentoring calls where I both teach and support you on this new path. You can also email me twice a week with follow up questions and to share successes. You’ll receive Money Limiting Beliefs Breakthrough Feedback which helps you gain clarity to reprogram your beliefs for a healthier money relationship.

During our 90 days, you’ll learn:

  • The critical difference between currency and money.
  • The lunar and maritime connections of money and how the whole banking system is based on it.
  • The strategies to speak yourself into wealth – seriously!
  • The tools to raise yourself into a wealth frequency and create your aura to be a magnet for money.
  • The metaphysical principles to freeze and eliminate debt and prevent the accumulation of it in the future.
  • The steps to creating stability for your wealth through investment strategies and multiple streams of income.

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90 Day Upfront one time payment gift — 2 X 3 psychic question readings via Youtube on any area of life, based on your choice.


8 hours to a whole new you

VIP Day – £6,997

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Jumpstart a dramatic change in your life without the wait with our Exclusive VIP day.
We begin our day with an energizing breakfast and spend the full morning outlining your quantum leap money blocks. There are often things that we find that hold us back on a very deep level. By lunch, you will have profound clarity on how to construct your new money story. We enjoy lunch together, with refreshments and nourishment. Then we dive into creating support structures and “containers” to hold all the influx of new money that is coming to you.

Bonus VIP gifts:

Spartanite (the book) to inspire, uplift and embolden you.

Wealth Magickal. This beautiful stone holds many vibrational layers that I have cast vibrational magick on, to heal your poverty beliefs, open the personal floodgates of wealth and hidden finances as well as providing a rock solid financial hub to allow you to literally pull money. It works by changing your energy you emit out (we all possess one) and creates circumstances where people very eagerly wish to pay you, your absolute worth. With this powerful magickal, money scarcity will be a thing of the past. This magickal will allow you to access hidden money knowledge and use it to make the correct financial investments using the right instruments at the correct time.

The 0-60

Business coaching that yields huge results in just one hour

The 0-60 – £597

Imagine going from average to amazing in a flash! Together, we explore your business and create an action plan so you can achieve a breakthrough blast. This Magickal hour combines laser sharp psychic ability with 42nd floor boardroom business skills that will leave you motivated, inspired, and ready to take your business by storm.

1 Question Psychic Read

Get that nagging question about your life answered so you can finally move forward

1 Question Psychic Read – £297

Stop wondering, start living. Access my abilities to clearly read and answer your one big question that’s holding you back. Love, work, family, money, confidence, power – I’ll handle any topic and dive deep in this psychic reading.

3 Question Psychic Read

Ask your three burning questions and receive deep insights

3 Question Psychic Read – £497

Delivered in the space of 48 hours, this 3 question read is ideal for someone who desires clarity, wisdom and understanding about their situation. Often we as human beings have only our 2 eyes to see with and we miss the heart of a situation. Perhaps you are looking at a way to achieve dominance in your business. Perhaps you are curious to see if that certain someone is truly the right one for you? Maybe you’re looking to make your next career move or want to know more on your family life? Whatever your query, these 3 in-depth questions will serve to enlighten and clarify your queries and pressing concerns.

6 Question Psychic Read

Ask your six burning questions and receive even more clarity

6 Question Psychic Read – £797

Delivered in the space of 72 hours, this 6 question read incorporates all the sparkle of the 3 question and is ideal for someone looking to get to the *heart of a situation as well as undertake someone’s true soul character. Many a time people wear masks to not only fool others, rather to fool themselves. Never go into a business deal, friendship, marriage or any other important situation in life, without knowing whom exactly you are getting involved with. A business deal or divorce gone sour can easily be prevented by learning the true face of a person. This read also covers direct channel from Belvia, my spirit guide, CK, my spirit wealth mentor (for Finance and Business readings) and Innana, my spirit love and relationships mentor (for Love and Rships/Marriage).

*If there is a situation that needs to be metaphysically solved in your life, various solutions to your case shall be provided and deeper 1 to 1 work can be provided. By appointment only.

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