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Super excited to share that my new book WINNING — CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE THROUGH CHARM, MAGNETISM AND STRATEGY, was released a few days back, with much Success!

A few weeks ago, I was called to write this book by none other than the Goetic Being, Clauneck. You can find his articles here, and here too.. I also provide a full King Clauneck Channel for those who desire 5 specific and direct questions answered about Wealth, Business and Commerce Domains, which can be found in the Store section 🙂

Many people are afraid to win at life. I am confident you will have seen them. Timid, shy, and afraid of this world with bold, dominant force towards life. Even more so after Trauma. As a trauma survivor myself, it takes a formidable amount of courage to overcome what has happened with you and move forward. Most never do and will, because the trauma has become their very identity. They latch onto it for comfort. They enjoy being a victim, which are some of the topics I speak about extensively in WINNING.

When you prepare for Failure, you will receive just that.

Verily, as what a man prepares for—HE WILL RECEIVE. There is zero point of Studying the Underworld Occult realms, if you do not wish to put into practice what they teach you. We need to BELIEVE something will come our way, NO QUESTIONS ASKED —in order for this to manifest. Most people do not manifest because they don’t believe and they prefer to cling to their bullshit story of life. I had a client over a Skype who asked me why she may work with Spiritual energy, and nothing works. I had to explain that her cellular energy was programmed at a certain lack dial and I needed to use deeper, stronger and powerful energy to reprogramme and repattern herself into Success.

I also had to explain that most Spirituality is bullshit and most Spiritual people (at many levels), enjoy being poor and poverty stricken because then it gives them something to complain about and they are “pure”. Which I OFTEN state, lends people the belief that money is dirty. I cover this in my FEARLESS MONEY MANIFESTATION WITH DARK GODDESS programme. With that said, you may wonder “What does WINNING include?”

With no further delay, let us explore this :

Contents Include :


1 The Winning Mindset Simplified
2 Blood, Sulphur and Iron
3 Vanquishing The Enemy
4 Creating Unapologetic Power For Self
5 Discover Your Shadow Baseline
6 Banishing Victim hood. Embracing Responsibility
7 Of Dust And Diamonds. A Sojourn

Excerpt taken from The Introduction :

Through history, in all successful civilizations, there have been pre-ordained certain “ways to win”. These ways, are kept away from the masses at large, and used against them. Winning is a habit, it is a bold champion trait, which most modern humans have been bred out of. Ranging from the fluoride in the water; keeping populaces dumb and easy to control, to chemtrails in the sky spraying poison that now resides in our lungs –destroying both our DNA and RNA –Winning has never been a more challenging feat to achieve. Perhaps, one of the most fascinating things about this very quality, is that one can never lose it, when the habits are formed.

A winner knows that in order to maintain a winning mindset, one must have the know how, in the areas of mind direction, leverage and manipulation. If you are of a nervous disposition, this piece of art will not be for you. Nervous, shaky, scared, small-minded, and non-committal people are NOT invited to participate at the round-table of Winners, where the word NO and giving power away, are never options. Having this piece of work in your hands is life-changing and as your eyeballs roll across, perhaps the paper of your book, or the screen, you so wilfully read this upon, understand and make a silent acceptance that you are one of the few.

The few who desire to live life on THEIR terms using charm, magnetism and STRATEGY.

In many modern Spiritual societies, the terminology of Love and Light has prevailed. Whilst this is a very inviting prospect, this very notion has destroyed those who wish to do well. This is false light and this book will not be touching on how to “make peace with people”. Please go read whichever forgiveness book you wish for, as this will not be it. When you set out to win in your life, you extend kindness with defence and love, with venom—as appropriately, and as needed. This is not a “karma” based book. Those who truly know how to win, protect themselves from, and sidestep karma, and they do not live in Fear. As aforementioned, if you enjoy your neuroses, shame, insanity, stupidity, fear, and drama – this piece of work, isn’t for you.

Most never learn how to win, because they are too busy being “right”. Winning, is a burning flame, set ablaze by deep desire to have what is coveted deeply by yourself. Winning just as money, lends itself a practical aspect of being amoral. It is neither good nor bad. One can win in the Entrepreneurial realms, the Business realms, the Relationship, Health and Spiritual ones either. One can equally win at losing, seeing as that is the most common realm the modern human wins at, sadly, or one can win at who their true sense of self is. In order to open the portal to winning, one must open the portal to OPPORTUNITY – a satisfaction strategy that cannot be achieve neither with merit and nor with effort, unless the mode of survival is eliminated.

Winning, is often shrouded in silence. We are at a time where psychological, psychic and Spiritual war, has never been higher. You can either choose to hand over your power to predators and abusers, who will gleefully lord it over you, or choose to retain it for yourself. Keep yourself sharp, always study and approach life as an independent thinker. Do not allow anyone to limit or define you, no matter what the odds. Allow your mind to ask the necessary questions that are often tainted with psycho-sexual shame, institutional and religious programming as well as societal dogma. Return to the wild and pass this work of art on to those you love.

In life, Winning isn’t important.


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