The Spartanite uplifts entrepreneurial individuals to embrace the power within to become healthier, wealthier, self-sufficient, and wildly powerful.

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People have been manipulated and lied to for centuries about their relationship, money and spiritual potential. It’s time to forge a new path. That’s why we created The Spartanite – a world-renowned Self Empowerment Movement that guides entrepreneurial individuals to create healthy, balanced and empowered dynamics in all areas of their life. Join the Sparty for your monthly dose of empowerment updates.:


  • I have worked as a client with Nadia on several occasions and found her approach to be fun, insightful, and informative. She has given me advice with the support of her guide Belvia yielding desired results and open me up to allowing in a better way of being. I feel empowered by her approach and able to implement her tools without feeling like I “have to” or that if I don’t use her approach that I am not a good person for not doing so. I deeply appreciate her support and value her and her work immensely. I look forward to working with her in the future.

    Rebecca Louise Huggins

  • The Spartanite has been like a breath of fresh air in my life. Working with Nadia is fun, enjoyable and informative. The use of spiritual & practical knowledge has been fantastic and a lot more relateable than conventional methods have ever been. Her questions are both triggering & thought provoking but together with her action steps make the results I receive are fast and have aided in the continual growth & development of my life both professionally & personally.

    Shareene White

  • I have been reading with Nadia for a couple of months now. Her accuracy blows me away and I absolutely love her guide, Belvia. Nadia has the ability to give you the news you need to hear, but in a way that does not make you feel hopeless. I know she is well connected because I have called her regarding one issue and she will bring me a message that’s urgent on another. My first call with her was amazing. I asked her about a relationship and have nothing except the other person’s name. She tuned in immediately and started basically explaining the entire situation to me. My jaw hit the floor. Nadia doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but she does offer guidance which is why I keep coming back to her. She is wonderful and I truly consider her a mentor as well as a friend.

    Alexandra Gialanze

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