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Hi, I’m Nadia,
I’m an award-winning author, mentor, clairsentient psychic and occult wealth specialist who pushes the boundaries so you can have it all. I’ve experienced the dark corners of this world and I’m here to show you the light.

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Download my complimentary PDF with your 7 treasures of regal primal power so you can become the fearless leader you always wished to be, unlocking your innate power to live a life without limits.

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Life Mastery Mentoring

Life Mastery Mentoring

Discover how to expertly navigate life and bend it to your will, in the areas of:



Supercharge your consciousness with empowering, wealth- elevating tools, resources, and services.

Ready for the uprising?
The new you?

Yes you are!

Spartanite is a revolutionary state of mind and set of actions based on strength, divinity, and authentic power. All of these products and experiences have been intentionally created to empower your divine human DNA and mental acuity, so you can consistently operate at premium capacity, no matter what.

I provide divine self-empowerment for bold entrepreneurs seeking to truly and deeply uplevel their businesses and their lives. I can help you free yourself from this invisible, infuriating bondage and enter a state of unlimited, expansive power that most can only imagine. It’s time to get out of your own way.

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Why do all of my clients achieve clarity, confidence, courage, and ultimately, lasting success?

About me

I was born with a powerful gift for accessing the core of a person’s limiting beliefs and helping them shift out and into their power, with grace and ease. My clients do not have some hidden advantage that you lack. Nope. The truth is, you have everything it takes to unlock the door to your dream life. You’ve just got to be willing to begin.

Nadia xo


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