Spartanite Celebrates an Elevated Way of Life for the Over-Achievers of This World

and DIvine Living

Spartanite Life Coaching has been a propulsive force for elevated living, deep authenticity and profound confidence since 2011.

Our unique connection to the underworld has driven our devotion to help people live a divine life beyond typical comprehension

This Is Spartanite

Welcome to an Opulent World of Wonder

Deep-rooted in luxury and driven by the notion of perfection, Spartanite is a spiritual house that serves the successfully ambitious in their pursuit of complete fulfilment

We tear up the scripts of society and unleash you from the boxes they place you in

Working from the inside out, we cleanse your soul, igniting the power within so you can achieve anything you desire

Spiritual coach with white coat, hat and gloves
Spartanite Life Coaching

The Origins of the Spiritual Powerhouse

Where It All Began

Spartanite Life Coaching was founded in London by Nadia Arain; award-winning author, mentor, clairsentient psychic and occult wealth specialist.

Nadia was born with an extraordinary innate gift which allows her to navigate the underworld and unearth the limiting beliefs which hold so many of us back.

As a former fashion model and luxury spa owner, she is no stranger to the dynamics of life, recognising the possibility to merge all kinds of worlds into one. She is passionate about divine living and helps her clients utilise their limitless potential too.

Nadia resides in high-vibrational settings in the heart of London and her own penchant for elevated living sparked her inspiration to start Spartanite. More than just a spiritual powerhouse, Spartanite infuses luxury, art, fashion and refined elegance to successfully lead and inspire those interested in the art de Vivre.

It’s a majestic concept that says we can have it all and no rules of society are going to tell us otherwise. 

Spartanite’s Unique Philosophy

The Art of Divine Living

Divine living is more than just an exterior world of opulence, it’s about having a wealth of strength, empowerment and confidence from within. That’s why our philosophy is steeped in the health and well-being of the soul

No one can authentically live a life of content elevation when their soul is broken. You can have all the money and success in the world but if it was built from fragile beginnings, your limits will be capped. Spartanite smooths the internal conflicts, eradicates the mental barriers and rewrites your inner smoothens so you can shed the grey overcoat which has grown to hang heavy on your soul

Now glistening clean, we rebirth you so you can flourish and grow into the person you were always meant to be. You can then wholly understand the true art of living

Life Coaching
Spartanite Coaching

Inspiration Source

  • Spartanite has always been deep-rooted in luxury and will forever be linked to the beauty and wonderment of divine living.
  • Our unwavering vision has attracted pioneering leaders and entrepreneurs from across the world in their quest to break free from the chains of reality.
  • We take inspiration from haute-couture fashion, artisan icons, fine fragrances, sublime art and decadent dining.
  • We admire their plethora of beauty and charm and we strive to emulate their exquisite energy in everything we do

Tear Down Your Cage   •   Unleash Your Raw Primal Power   •   Transform Your Life

Tear Down Your Cage

Unleash Your Raw Primal Power

Transform Your Life

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