BLACK Label Mentoring

Private Mentorship To Expand Your Mind And Access Untapped Powers

I Don’t Fall Prey To The Rules Of Society And Neither Do You

From a young age, my energy has always been incompatible with those around me. I didn’t fit the mould which everyone else felt so comfortable slipping into and this guided me to my innate calling as a clairsentient, psychic and oracle of the underworld realm

I’m Nadia

I expeditiously recognised that when you awaken yourself to the forces that are beyond your comprehension at present, your world will change incessantly

My clients come to me because they have reached the pinnacle of their success but they still feel hollow. They are a king and they want to rise to Emperor status but they lack the emotional, spiritual and mental maturity needed to ascend. This world has taught them to chase financial and sexual maturity, however for your energy to be truly elevated you – have to be mature across the board

They have fought their way to the top, masquerading as a normal civilian, playing by the rules of society so they can fit in. But they weren’t born to fit in. They are different and it’s now time for them to tear down the layers which brought them to where they are today and shift into their true primal, authentic self

Only then can they genuinely expand their mind, awaken their soul, cleanse their perceptions and unchain themselves from the restraints of the modern matrix. In ancient times, it was the job of a skilled sorceress to initiate a man into his true elite power to grow into his incredible human godhood. Primal feminine energy is the blazing fiery gate a man must enter in order to achieve his ultimate illumination

You are built on a fragile foundation and your mind has stemmed from contextual perceptions. Together we can clear the waste, and destroy all limiting beliefs and falsities so you can break free from your cage of normality.

You are operating at a fraction of your capacity, imagine what will happen when you reach 100%.

Let me guide you and you will:

  • Discover extramental knowledge that cannot be obtained in this reality and expand your mind beyond belief
  • Acquire the spiritual depth you were born to experience
  • Clear your vision and unearth pioneering business ideas
  • Resolve past trauma to lead from a place of love not hatred
  • Rebirth your soul to experience unequivocal success
  • Obtain the social intelligence that’s present among world leaders
  • Gain the comprehension you need to follow the path beyond anyone else’s belief
  • Remould your paradigm, rewire your cellular DNA, gain clarity and have the world turn for you.
  • Unlock the concealed door that’s keeping you from living life at full capacity

Why Have I Chosen This Path To Help You

Black Label Mentoring wasn’t created to help triumphant men create more wealth and success. Of course, this is a byproduct of my mentoring, however, the purpose runs much deeper than this. I navigate two worlds, one of which is unbeknown to the average man

When you are dissimilar to those around you and your extraordinary gifts of intelligence and awareness surpass them, the services of average mentors will never suffice. I have chosen this path because I know what it feels like to be broken when you have achieved success, lost when you have found the path to greatness and isolated when you are surrounded by people.

You require superior guidance because there is still something missing:

  • Your level of success has no blueprint
  • Your mind is too far ahead of the average person
  • There are few people who can tell you what you don’t know
  • You know there is more but no one seems to have the answer
  • Something is pushing you to become curious about the underworld

If these words are speaking to your soul, you finally feel heard and the underworld is the only place left that’s uncharted

Join my 12-month, private 1:1 BLACK Label Mentoring Programme

Black Label Mentoring Is For You If:

  • You unequivocally feel that you have limitless potential but you’re acutely aware it’s capped and you don’t know why. You are ready for the next transformation in your life but something is keeping you in a rut.
  • You’re the perfect juxtaposition of a sociable man who’s achieved enviable success and a lonely child who struggles to relate to those around him, at an internal deep level. On the exterior people think you have it all, but deep inside you’re mindful that something is absent.
  • You’ve experienced past trauma which you can’t let go of and unconsciously it’s driving your decisions and behaviours.
  • You’re tired of being kept in a box that society places you in. You’re ready to break the mould and experience the unthinkable.
  • You know you’re not being your authentic self and the facade you’ve been upholding has diminished your ability to listen to your gut and trust your intuition. Your mind feels clouded and your heart feels heavy. You need to be set free.
  • You’re financially free, socially admired and family oriented but you lack depth.
  • You are finally ready to open up to the occult world and navigate new territories; adding spiritual depth to your life and expanding your mind in all areas.

Black Label Mentoring

Private 1:1 mentorship that spiritually and mentally cleanses you, unlocking the gates to an underworld that will force you to rethink your reality. If you’re ready to achieve unrivalled power and experience the ultimate version of your life, join my Black Label Programme. Only if you’re ready

The details:

  1. One-to-one mentoring session, twice per month with unlimited email conversations. This gives you the support you need during the 12-month programme.
  2. Powerfully intense sorcery including Belial, Clauneck, Azazel, Sorath, Paymon. These fierce strategies will obliterate internal struggles which are not serving you and force you into extreme circumstances, created to break through your current reality leading you to the apex of your life. I channel directly through you, but the amount of energy I exert directly depends on how much your physical body can handle. They will expand you beyond belief but only if you partake in the storm. Indolence is not an option.
  3. Bespoke work centred around Belial. This brings advanced business, investment and political ideas to the forefront which you can execute immediately to drive excellence in your field. Expect the same social intelligence which is present among world leaders and elite visionaries.
  4. Multiple invocations focusing on Mammon, Clauneck, Nabrieus, Ptah, Sekhmet, and Belial. They work in harmony to create financial-focused visions, mental clarity, execution, and sustained speed. They will quickly remove all toxicity that permeates you externally and internally working to organise your life, expand your mind and advance your social circles. Expect an empirical vision of the ancients which provides you with a warrior mindset to drive forward and achieve unequivocal power.
  5. Angel summoning is required to provide a source of light and understanding that will allow you to detach from your problems so the resolution can flow to you naturally.
  6. Finally, an initiation into Qlippoth, the most potent sorcery of them all. It is aggressive and I will not provide it for anyone who isn’t ready. This will transform you into a dominant leader with forceful influence.

The investment

6 months 1:1 mentorship - £50,000
12 months 1:1 mentorship - £100,000

Payment plans are available. Limited spaces are available due to the attentive nature of this programme.

There is nowhere else to go until you relinquish the barriers within which are holding you back

If you’re ready to unleash your untapped powers and navigate the occult underworld, please fill out the form below.

This programme isn’t for everyone which is why I vet each applicant for the Black Label Programme. Once I’ve decided that you’re aligned with me and my offerings, we can begin our journey together.

Tear Down Your Cage   •   Unleash Your Raw Primal Power   •   Transform Your Life

Tear Down Your Cage

Unleash Your Raw Primal Power

Transform Your Life

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