Adnan Khan

Unbelievable results that altered my life for the better.

I met Nadia when one of my close friends referred me. After diagnostics, it was first identified I was possessed by a djinn for many years and Nadia worked relentlessly to remove it from my body.

I have always been a very positive, curious, chill, down to earth guy. But I had reached a low stage in life and I was accepting the fate of my life created by other people. Now I was unhappy, unemployed, depressed, and completely lost in life. We then reconnected. Nadia made me once again realize that I am not one of the sheep and society will always break you down until you learn to keep quiet and conform.

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Nadia became my mentor and I started mastering my masculine energies. My work performance improved. I gained confidence, happier, and felt more at peace with myself. My anxiety and depression levels have gone down by a whole ton. I am able to handle shit tests a lot better, and they no longer phase me. I have learned to set boundaries and say no. My financial fortunes have also improved immensely. I feel elevated and now operate at a much higher level. I am truly enjoying life now more than ever and ready to conquer whatever life throws.

Nadia has helped me heal internally and provided guidance in my romantic life. I have received an array of rituals including, but not limited to, the heart wall clearings, customized work, glowing self-love, chakra polish and youth. I feel a lot more youthful and have come to learn that time does not work on a linear scale. I can finally see past the trauma and I have been accumulating throughout my life, my past lives and chakras. I have always felt incapable of being loved romantically. I have also received tarot card readings, which helped provide better insight to guide my life in the right direction.
While working with Nadia, I had a freak accident at home. Nadia quickly identified it was a djinn attack, and banished the djinn from my home.

Nadia is the real deal. The work Nadia does requires patience. She is very intelligent and knows what she is doing. She is extremely talented and deals with very powerful magick. She is so caring and provides a lot of reassurance and is very encouraging. I consider her a close friend and can always count on her.
I highly recommend Nadia’s work. Ever since Nadia has entered my life, life has improved for the better. She has done so much for me and I can’t thank her enough. I no longer accept mediocrity. I have become more comfortable in my own skin. I have always searched for peace in my life, and I have a lot more inner peace now.

Nadia has allowed me to master my masculine energy and become the man I am truly meant to be.

Freddie Stewart

If you are serious about making a positive change in your life you will want guidance, encouragement, and results. Nadia is all that you need to accomplish the crucial changes in life.

After losing a dear friend who was close to my age, I evaluated my life and determined that I needed help to get to the “next level”. I was looking for a way to become more assertive and find new opportunities for myself.

Before my first purchase, I studied Nadia’s products, services, and online posts to gauge her knowledge and communication style. Her online videos on various subjects are informative, relatable, and encouraging. Her customer service skills are excellent. She demonstrated kindness and patience with me by taking the time to answer my questions seven months before I made my first purchase of the wealth bracelet. She kept me in the loop on the status of my purchase.

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I love my wealth bracelet. It is stylish and was well received by my wife, friends, and colleagues. Shortly afterward, I was presented with a special opportunity to make a big impact at work – pay raise included. The bracelet is a visual reminder to look for opportunities and to be assertive in my actions.

Nadia helped me identify additional areas of opportunity in my life that could be improved using her services. As a result, I have demonstrated more assertiveness in my job, restructured my relationship with money, and transformed how I move in the world. I am looking forward to reaching new levels of financial and career growth in the future.

I highly recommend the products and services on and encourage everyone to listen to Nadia’s videos. Nadia can help you to succeed!

Anne w

Nadia, without a shadow of a doubt, changed my entire life in one 30 minute conversation. It amazes me that some people get to speak with her for free! Nadia is a powerhouse, and by extension, Spartanite is as well. 

Nadia shifted my perspective within minutes and pointed me towards the root cause of my biggest and most persistent problems that before her, I simply could not see. Investing in Nadia is investing in yourself.


Have you ever felt a connection immediately upon meeting someone? That is how I felt upon being introduced to Nadia through a mutual dear friend. I came to her frustrated, due to a virtual cement wall that seemed to rise up every time I tried to move forward. It didn’t make sense. I was following the same steps as those before me who had all, to a person, achieved results. All the elements were there but…opportunities inexplicably disappeared. Sometimes literally. Nadia explained to me the spiritual effects of what had been, unbeknownst to me, adversely impacting my life. Thanks to Nadia removing the blockages, I have been in a state of flow, making daily progress, drawing closer to my goals. I’m so grateful! There is more to this world than what you can see on the surface. It is always good to have Nadia on your side. I am grateful that she is on mine.

Jillian L

I can recommend anything with Nadia’s signature on it. Working with Nadia you notice she is so professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly – FUN! She works fast and powerfully yet handles your energy in a careful manner so it is comfortable on the receiving end. Her advice is always perfectly timed and even after working together less than a month she changed my whole life!

She helped me reconnect to my soul’s desires and for that, I am forever grateful.
So if you are looking for a super personalized experience where she intuitively guides you through your journey, you can count on her!

Nadia has done a lot of work on me, which without her help would have taken me years, perhaps decades, to have gotten through on my own. When sceptics say, why do you pay a spiritual worker? Because there is no better way to invest in yourself, it is value for VALUE.

Abbey Sanaphay

Nadia is friendly, understanding and non-judgemental. She is fun and a delight to work with. With many frauds and charlatans out there, I was worried at the beginning. Nadia dispelled that with her openness, humour and authenticity, answering my concerns and enquires.

I started working with her in the middle of August 2020 and have noticed the gradual, and sometimes, immediate change and improvement to my confidence, safety and well-being (spiritually, mentally and physically). She has also immediately detected blocks I never knew I had and helped me to eliminate them. The more I worked with her, the more I realised that her outlook, process and philosophy greatly aligns with mine.

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Her courses/ audio classes are informative and easy to digest. They have answered many questions I had about certain areas and aspects of life, as well as affirmed and dispelled some of my original conclusions and assumptions.

I highly recommend the predator block bracelet, as it has cloaked me away from many toxic strangers and shady individuals who would have other wise hassled or harassed me in public.

David Pierre

Spiritual Coach and Founder at Urban Moor

What Nadia does is take you out of the poverty mindset. She goes right into your core channelling the very words of the goddess to make you a believer of your own self. When she speaks to you, she speaks with love to your soul. She embodies the goddess and lets you know that you can achieve your dreams. Are we not here to be our greatest self? She reminds you of that in everything that she says and does. We are here in this life to be our greatest and authentic self.

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Nadia challenges you and whatever subconscious beliefs that keep you from achieving your greatest self. This aspect of the work is neglected by most, but necessary to achieve your goals. Nadia’s one on one consultation with you will take you out of comfortability but that is needed to help prime you for success in your life. Do you want to see your business make the greatest profits? Do you want to see yourself make the biggest moves in your life? Do you want to take things to the next level of success?

Nadia is *THE ONE *to go to. There is no better person you can go to. Are you ready to rise? You should do one on one consultations with SPARTANITE to be your greatest self, to conquer all of life’s challenges with ease.

Veronica Conway

Founder at Black Mastery & High Performance Life Coach

When I met Nadia, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Without my knowledge, someone had hexed me so that they could steal my man. I had moved cross country to be with this man, and found myself living in a cesspool, surrounded by envious, evil people, with no allies nearby. I was utterly alone and could not figure out a feeling that I had of being “haunted.” Her spiritual analysis of the situation revealed the truth of the betrayal all around me. I was shocked. Her road opener ritual cleared the path for me. Within days, my eyesight was restored, I de-aged 10 years and could move forward with clarity. I packed my bags and left that horrible place within 30 days.

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This is just one in a long list of things that Nadia has “seen” on my behalf that gave me life changing clarity so that I was free to make big moves. I have known many true ‘wizards’ and there are a ton of poseurs out here. It takes discipline, dedication and perseverance to navigate the spiritual realms and not hurt yourself or others. Nadia has one of the most profound gifts I have ever witnessed and she wields her profound power for good.

I have come to know Nadia well over the last few years, and I find her to be one of the most down to earth, funny, brilliant women I have known, in addition to her nearly infinite power to help you create beautiful, meaningful results in your life. Real results, without B.S. If you are looking to truly change the receive necessary spiritual protection, to clear deep emotional blocks and dramatically shift your outer reality…you know what to do. Get whatever this powerful woman is offering.

Lauren Peterson

Author & Biz Consultant

Nadia’s been a shrewd strategist in business, health, and all areas of life. Her counsel and guidance have opened many roads for me and supported clear results and personal breakthroughs in record levels of time. Her guidance and strategy have helped me gross a 30% promotion within a year of working with her. She’s a pure goddess of quantum mastery.

Chad Cranfill

CEO of Cranfill Minerals

Nadia is not just a mentor in the conventional sense (someone who gives you advice) but in the deeper sense of someone who cares about how you, as well as your business, are developing. She routinely goes above and beyond to provide guidance as well as hands – on assistance; for instance, she referred me to a company who produced an awesome logo for my new business.

In the time that we have worked together, Nadia has helped me to flesh out my business idea, clear my blocks around money, and routinely makes sure that all is going well with me, both emotionally and business – wise. By doing all of this, she has given me more confidence in my ideas and a clear path to achieving my goals.

Samanah Duran

CEO of Be Your Own UK & Critics Clothing

I have always been wildly fascinated with self – development and the process of evolution as a human being however I do believe it is not always attainable without some level of help lent by those of expertise. Nadia has really helped me put my scepticism aside and encouraged me to really explore the occult deeper in order for me to elevate higher than where I currently am professional. Nadia really gave me the opportunity to look further, evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and raise my self – awareness.

Within a week of having worked with Nadia, I took notice of the fact that some professional barriers had been lifted and I am now able to harness the power I have within to obtain desired results that work in my favour. I cannot thank Nadia enough for her confidentiality, and commitment to delivering what I wanted.

Raychel Flanigan

Regarding this house I’m sitting in – I really saw no way to be in a house last year before I bought your enchanted ring. Financially, I should not have even considered buying myself anything but did anyway. There really is no way in hell it should have happened, yet, what do you know? Here I am! That was really miraculous the way it all fell into place, and it’s a pretty perfect house I’m grateful to have now rather than a small condo without a yard.

During the heart wall clearing, I had no idea if you were even doing anything or not, really. It was weird, all your emails, except for the very last one I received on my birthday, went to junk mail. The things cleared and the ages I could see a correlation with for sure. During the process, all I can say is I was exceptionally TIRED. I figured it was the clearing process and a whole lot of stress at work, but come to find out, our furnace was leaking carbon monoxide into the house and slowly killing us. We had already had it looked at and fixed once.

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One morning my father (who stays with us) and I woke up freezing cold. Turns out the igniter switch broke, and we had to call someone to service it. This time the leak was caught and the man shut it down immediately. Thank GOD the igniter switch broke, or we would have never known! I have to believe your work contributed to this finding, so I’ll THANK YOU for that as well!


Civil Servant

Where there is a will, there is a way. Before encountering the Spartanite, I was confused and misled on things such as love and money. Working with Nadia has cleared up the confusion in these areas of my life. The aura and chakra cleanses were the first step in my transformation, followed by utilizing the power of feminine radiance and wealth bracelets, which have aided in making better decisions about my love and working life.

Together, these practices and mentorship with Nadia have laid the groundwork for present and future success because I am able to make decisions that are in alignment with the vision I have for my life.


Founder at Lunar Chi

Nadia goes beyond and above to help you. She digs a little deeper to find out what you need, which led me to the Road Opener Ritual. She lifted black magick off me that that I wasn’t even aware of! It kept my life stagnant, going around in circles, going one step forward and taking two steps back. Since the ritual, I finally feel as if I’m on the right path and have taken the right steps in the right direction. I quit my previous job and started my own company, Lunar Chi, which helps others grow spiritually and heal through Reiki and handmade crystal candles. As much as it feels as if I am starting from square one and being reborn, I am very much looking forward to a life without black magick and seeing how far I can go.

Nadia has been guiding me every step of the way, even now she still checks up on me from time to time. She is a great confidante and gives great advice. Thank you, I look forward to continuing this journey with you.


Business & Realty Consultant at Reliant Realty

The Spartanite is a movement that every woman should invest in, no matter where you are on your journey. I was a very bad place when I invested in Nadia’s Spartanite book, and it helped me pick up the broken pieces to move forward with my plans.The book will enlighten you, encourage you, and equip you to undertake the necessary steps to be a bold and beautiful woman, and not to take any crap from anyone — including yourself. Nadia is a powerhouse and is HILARIOUS! She keeps it real and raw, which is what every woman needs. I am so grateful for her.


Trader & International Business

Nadia has done so much for me. I have no words to describe what a transformation she brought. I came to her expressing what I was going through and she told me that I had very heavy black magick on me, which made sure I would eventually give up on life.

As she began working on me I started to see lots of changes. I started to feel lighter and more energetic. The willingness to do something was growing. Once she broke the magick completely, I started to feel happier, and my work environment also had a positive aura. Later, she suggested a cleanse to enhance the progress and dust off my chakras, and that made all the difference. Once the aura cleanses was done, I felt so energetic and clear. I felt like I had the energy to run a marathon and was so clear that I could do the most complex of science experiments in a lab!!! It was so different. Within weeks, I got another job offer which was more stable and flexible than where I was working previously.

Thank you ever so much once again Nadia for bringing all these changes


Founder of 7th Spring

Nadia is a professional, detailed, and a great person to know! What I really liked about her book, Winning, is that it gives a unique approach with a message that is quite simplified – so that you will remember it. Most people deal with problems by ignoring the red flags. This takes them down the wrong path, steering them away from winning and achieving their outcome. And we all know that we have to embrace the responsibility to our own actions and not feel like “victims” when things suddenly go wrong. Her work provides steps away from the subtlety of nice behavior and colloquial words. The concept of winning is simple, but the magic is in its sincerity.

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We all want to be winners, but how often do we tell ourselves that? Her work is brilliant because it makes you ask yourself the hard questions, and even if you disagree with some of the concepts or thoughts within Spartanite, it really does make you consider where you stand, and whether you are being honest enough with yourself about winning at life.


Founder of RE Online & JD Leads Online

Nadia is candid, straight to the point and covers the challenges women face in how to stand in their own power and be magnetically and abundantly successful and wealthy! Woo hoo! About bloody time.

Nadia has such a gift and a loving, firm, no-BS approach to sharing lessons in bringing out every woman’s “Dark Goddess” – pragmatic insights into unleashing our own feminine powerhouse. She tears down those oppressive social notions that, in order to be a “proper lady”, a woman needs to be apologetic, timid and subservient!

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Nadia makes the distinction between feminine power and the whole man-hating, anti-armpit shaving business. She speaks from a voice of equality and respect to our male counterparts, yet highlights and rejoices the unique gifts and differences of women. Nadia reminds us that we have a right to live a life of choice and conviction and still be authentic to our light and dark sides; and that we don’t have to be ashamed of our anger, sexuality, desires, power or money. Through the bonds of sisterhood, we are strong and unstoppable when we support, nurture and build each other up.

Her book is an absolute must-read! I wish I had this book and Nadia as my spiritual coach and mentor when I first started my business. The book, along with the Spartanite Wealth Bracelet, Feminine Radiance Bracelet and aura cleanse, helped me release my fears and my need to control, and realize I could succeed in my own power as a woman. Thank you, Nadia, for giving me my power and permission back. So grateful to you, Belvia, and the other Goddesses who have


Founder of Highfield WildRose

Nadia’s work is so refreshing. There is nothing scary about the “Dark Side” of feminine power or anything wrong with realizing/remembering that we don’t have to act like a lady and think like a man. Nope!! I’ll do everything like a lady, thank you very much. We so often get caught in the trap of trying to downplay our femininity when really it is our greatest ally. Unfortunately, the feminist movement (while well-intentioned and, in many cases, much needed) has left both men and women with unanswered questions.

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Spartanite offers a compelling look into an alternative but equally empowering path forward. No man-bashing or demure, doormat attitudes required.

I have her bracelets and have bought the majority of her books. So many people chase their tails when it comes to making money and never realizes that a poverty mindset means you’ll always be broke. This book is a rare glimpse into the mindset of the wealthy and how to actually attract money. Thank you, Nadia, for sharing your insight. Self-worth is net worth. Boom.


Insurance Specialist

I was referred to Nadia through a friend. I was seeking a business coach/mentor, and she did warn me that Nadia would set a rocket up my ass! With a recommendation as good as this I had to make enquiries. Nadia and I have been working together almost 12 months now.

All I can say is that her wisdom, guidance, and challenges have to lead me to look at things from multiple levels. She has guided me through the early stages of building my brand, and all I can say is I am truly grateful, humbled and honored to have Nadia as a mentor!

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If you want someone to babysit you through your process, agree with everything you say and not challenge you, I would look elsewhere. If you want a coach/mentor who will push you to limits that far exceed your wildest expectations, look no further.

Thank you, Nadia.


Founder at Charmed Relaxation

The Spartanite has been like a breath of fresh air in my life. Working with Nadia is fun, enjoyable and informative. The use of spiritual and practical knowledge has been fantastic and a lot more relatable than conventional methods have ever been. Her questions are both triggering and thought-provoking, but together with her action steps make for fast results. They have aided in the continual growth and development of my life, both professionally and personally.


Founder at Intuitive Law

I joined The Spartanite years ago, finding Nadia shared my values as a goddess-centered professional woman. A young lawyer and mother, I had achieved modest financial gains, but had climbed the boys’ club ladder of success straight to the glass ceiling. My work environments and my personal relationships ranged from unhealthy to abusive, since I harbored limiting core beliefs about myself and my worth as a woman.

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Early last year, I reached out to Nadia with Capricornian concerns about starting a new business. Full of insight based on similar experiences, Nadia gave me the best advice and suggested a Spartanite Radiance Feminine Bracelet as a boost to support me in my goals. With Spartanite support, I successfully convicted my former abuser, now on permanent record as a wife-batterer. Quite unexpectedly, I also magnetized a phenomenal new partner whom I am going to be married to! He sees me like a queen and treats me like a goddess!

I also recommend both Nadia’s Aura Cleanse and her Spartanite Wealth Magnetism bracelet. I find both magnetize monies to me very quickly from unexpected sources in support of my dark goddess journey! Now I have exciting money opportunities, and I am happier than ever before in my life. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Nadia. The Spartanite serves a sister goddess on her path!

Thank you, Nadia. You rock!


Founder at Rebecca’s Rainbow Readings

I have worked with Nadia on several occasions and found her approach to be fun, insightful, and informative. She has given me advice with the support of her guide Belvia, yielding desired results and opening me up to a better way of being. I feel empowered by her approach and able to implement her tools without feeling like I “have to”, or that if I don’t use her approach that I am not a good person. I deeply appreciate her support and value her and her work immensely. I look forward to working with her in the future.


Transformational Wellness Coach

No matter how savvy we may think we are as individuals, we all have our Achilles heel – an aspect of ourselves where we are not as fully developed as we wish, so that the overall balance of what we project is not in alignment with our soul.

I met Nadia at a business meeting. When I saw her passion and sensed her power, I was intrigued as to what she offered. The next time we met, I saw first-hand how she’d helped another attendee. That was all the convincing I needed.

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I ordered a bracelet from her later that day to boost my confidence, as I knew that was a weak link in my personal branding. From the moment, I have felt the power of both the bracelets (money and feminine self-confidence) and have made giant steps in my own transformation over just 2 months! I wear it every day but not always on show. I see the effect on those I come into contact with, sometimes exposing the real person behind the mask, so I get to see people for exactly who they are.

Robert B.

Trader & Entrepreneur

I found Nadia through channelling Clauneck, which helped me tremendously in my business endeavours. I invested in some of her bracelets for myself and my wife, as well as an Aura Cleanse + Chakra Polish. After the chakra clearing I felt very light headed and as if a weight dropped off my shoulders. In the coming days I was joyful to see the success of my investment plans. I feel unstoppable now. It’s amazing.