The Spartanite

Spartanite Life Mentor is a revolutionary concept based on strength, divinity, and power. All our products and experiences have been lovingly created to empower human DNA, mental ability, and operate at PREMIUM capacity.

Through the gateway of forbidden occult knowledge, you will discover your honor, your life path and the true self-empowerment that has been denied from you. You will embrace the consciousness of wealth, clarity, success and your individuality which are equality essential for both men and women.

I am a fourth-generation psychic from my mother’s side.My mother is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairalient. My grandmother was clairsentient and her father (my great grandfather) was a medium and clairvoyant. I have been psychic for as long as I can remember and like many people I used to hide until I learned how to use the gift. You can read more about me HERE

A medium is always psychic, but a psychic isn’t always a medium.I am not a medium. However, using my psychic gifts of clairsentience (clear feeling), empathy (feeling another’s emotions in my own body), claircognizance (clear knowing without any logical/scientific input) and clairaudience (clear listening to spirits through my inner ear and telepathy), I successfully transfer messages between the spirit and human realms.

The unique Spartanite approach I take is the:

3 C’s


I combine years of business experience, street smarts, and heavy hitting occult knowledge to create REAL, TANGIBLE and breakthrough results in your life.

Belvia is my witty, sassy, super-accurate spirit guide. She hails from the Andalusian region of Spain; and works with me here at Spartanite to provide all psychic counsel and be of help to whoever comes to us for assistance.

Psychic ability is the ability to “tune into” the frequency of another person, similarly to how you would tune into a radio station. Each person has a frequency, and, depending on your specific psychic gifts, information is gleaned and relayed in this manner.

Reading and Consultation

  1. Email consult: Using my trusted tarot deck, the assistance of my fabulous spirit guide Belvia, and my powerful intuition, I divine a triad of messages that provide deep, straightforward clarity and insight.
  2. Video Consultation: Using my powerful intuition and direct channeling I answer and provide clarity and insight into your most challenging issue and problems.
  3. King Claunnec Chanel: Using my connection to the Goetic being Clauneck, the spirit of wealth and business/commerce domains, I will answer five questions about your business strategy/professional life.

for your Consultation

Yes, it is normal! Even when I have had someone else read for me, the anticipation and nervousness are there. Simply relax and enjoy the messages that come through! You can read some of our success stories HERE

I will always ask you for a set of questions you would like me to answer. I do not do general readings, because it is a waste of time and I will be telling you things about your life you already know. Answering your specific questions provides insight, clarity and puts your logical mind at rest.

I do phone, Skype and e-mail readings.

Most certainly! I encourage you to take notes or bring a voice recorder, as once my spirit channel door closes I am unable to re-channel any lost information from the spirit at that linear time.

No. When I read, I require your frequency in a singular form. I am not able to discern information accurately if others are present.

It’s normal and natural to have a degree of scepticism, especially if it is your first reading or first time working with a psychic. Think of it like the first time that you went on a date.

Did you feel scared? Nervous? Not sure what to expect? But I’m sure your first date experiences got better with time, as you learned to trust and let go. The same goes with my spiritual consultations. I work best when your energy is trusting, open and willing.

Also, when channelling, it is important that you keep your energy clean, clear and honest, because sceptical energy bleeds into my frequency as I channel and will disrupt the messages coming in. Blocked, closed or combative energy is disrespectful to the spirits/beings with whom I work, and not very helpful to you.

Bold, empowered and uncensored. Spirits do not adhere to the restrictions of time, space and form. If something comes through that needs to be shifted, I will tell you straight up. I don’t tell fairy tales, as I respect you and know you are mature enough to handle the truth, even when it hurts.

Policies and Exchanges

Not unless under extenuating circumstances. If I tune into your energy in the first 10 minutes of the reading and feel we are not a good fit or don’t feel I will be able to read for you, I will be honest and terminate the reading, and your money will be refunded.

I do not. All sales are final.

If your product is damaged or lost by postal service or through extenuating circumstance, I will send another one out free of charge, provided it is a physical item.

We do not accept order cancellations. Please contact us if you have any questions about products or services before placing your order.


We accept all major credit (and debit) cards.

This is a common issue and often happens in cross-border transactions – your card gets blocked for your own security through your credit card company.

We advise contacting your bank directly and requesting them to lift the block in order to process the transaction again.

Alternatively, your bank may send you a security verification text message and will lift the block, if you verify that you have agreed to pay Spartanite LTD for a specific item or service.

Yes, we do. We accept MoneyGram and direct bank transfer, preferably done through Transferwise. We accept PayPal exclusively through our Etsy Store; however, we do not accept it directly on our site. Please contact us for further information about remitting funds to us using any of the methods listed.

yes, we do, through partial.ly for any products and service above 400GBP.

The Label Mentoring

It is high performance spiritual and magickal based mentoring for those who not of this world, looking to live a limitless and expanded life, upgrading themselves to the highest consciousness of freedom.

It is a Spartanite speciality and created for those who do not belong anywhere, in mind. It is created for those who possess extramental power and desire to combine it with the unseen, to have a personal edge in society. Label mentoring is a Sparty exclusive.

As a multiple award winning mentor, author, and, sorceress – my real world life survival strategy experience plus years of intense sorcery, provides me wisdom from strange and powerful angles + dimensions. My mentoring is unmatched with dedication, love, resources, commitment, and, most of all – the ability to see you at your HIGHEST potential with the capacity to take you there in this lifetime.


Considering magick is a type of scientific leverage and manipulation of energy fields, it is a tool procured for healthy and nefarious purposes. It changes your energy, allowing you to be in alignment with what you desire.

It all depends on what you place an order for, be it from our Store or custom. Our workings usually aim for comfort and speed, you should see results within a month. Magick is NOT logical and the results can often be not understood until explained, however you will come to enjoy the results.

We understand your concerns well. Magick is a tool, like a knife – can be used for good or nefarious situations. We do not employ anything to make you feel concerned or that puts you or your life in danger, and ALL ritualistic work is highly privately consulted before commencement. You can count on us to walk with you every step of the way.

Please write to us! We are happy to answer any questions you have and rest you at ease, helping you understand the process. As long as you have an open mind and trust that the Unseen is capable of helping – we are here to assist.