Meet Nadia

Difficult Life Lessons, Unexpected Revelations and a Unique Clairsentient Gift. Nadia Has Been Through It All, but She’s Reached the Other Side and Is Now Eager to Show Others How They Can Navigate a World on Fire Too

From Spaghetti Junction to Divine Living

When I think of my life, I think of Spaghetti Junction; a famous intersection with multiple roads winding in and out to reach a specific destination.

It hasn’t been one straight, easy path to get to where I am today, in fact, it’s been the opposite. Think of a maze filled with despair, darkness and confusion, but for that, I’m grateful, because it’s sparked a fire inside me to help others break free from their mental suffering and achieve a state of divine living too

The ‘Other’ World Was Always a Familiar Place

From a very young age, I could clearly see spirits and intense feelings related to the past, present and future would flood my body. I always knew how others felt about me and the energy I felt radiate from people was all-encompassing.

I could talk to the ‘other’ world and as a young child, I assumed this was normal until I got older and realised that I was distinctly different from everyone else

Escaping a Curse That Left Me Broken

Before the age of 25, my life was a far cry from what it is today. 
I was in the depths of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic partner, 
and a spiritual curse that was placed upon myself and my family led
 to the tragic passing of my father and a near-death experience for me

My own successful business came crashing down along with what felt like the collapse of my entire world. I became financially desolate, clinically depressed and completely hopeless

The devastation blocked every inch of light from my world, leaving me 
in total darkness. I was weak, broken, alone and lost. Finding the strength to see any ounce of hope felt impossible

As my world continued to deteriorate, so did my venomous relationship, until one day, I’d had enough. Free from the emotional abuser I’d spent so many years with, I found myself pouring my heart into my notepad whilst tears flooded the pages. I knew I didn’t want any other woman in the world to feel the way I felt and it inspired me to seek out a time in history when females were given their innate birthright to power and autonomy

That’s when I stumbled across Spartan women. From there, my book; 
The 21st Century Spartanite was born

Committing to Spartanite

As the years passed, I slowly began to heal but my life felt unfulfilled. It was only during a ritual; I was told an opportunity would come my way and that’s when life started to flourish once again

I landed a job at a large corporate company in California and whilst I knew it wasn’t my true calling, it helped to repair my life and put me back on a secure path which in itself rebuilt my self-esteem and confidence

I knew I wanted to build a business around my book; Spartanite, so after hours, I’d put pen to paper and draft up my vision. But like all of us, I never fully committed for fear of failure and perceived lack of time. This was all until an unintentional seed was planted by a curious woman at an event I attended in San Diego. She asked what my ‘god’ job was. Without a second thought, I wrote out the word Spartanite

From that day forward I knew I had to push forward with my vision

Navigate a World on Fire and Reach Your Divine Path

In 2016 Spartanite was launched and my mission fueled my intense drive to succeed; to help women achieve sovereignty, empowerment and confidence

I fused my passion with my clairsentient psychic abilities and started helping other women break free from toxic thought patterns, destructive behaviours and low-vibrational cycles. Eager to show them that there is an elevated way of living but to reach their divine path, they’ve got to unshackle their mind and release what this toxic world has taught them

I was transforming lives every day and the more successful my business became, the more the word got out about my abilities. Men soon became interested and this led to the expansion of my offerings. To help everyone live an elevated life without limits

Living a Divine Life Is an Art You Need to Master

From the moment we’re born, our minds are clouded by toxic influences

We build a foundation of beliefs to tackle this thing we call life but those thoughts are always capped to our comprehension. We can’t understand what we don’t know which is why so many coast through this world never reaching their full potential

No matter how successful you become, you will never reach your divine path if you don’t cleanse your mind, body and soul of the destructive ideas you’ve built up along the way

When you learn how to fully master your life, nobody can control you. You gain complete sovereignty, empowerment and confidence where everything is in your power

“If I hadn’t met you, I would still be the diseased version of myself”

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Are you ready to take action and master the true art of life?

No matter how lost, broken or hopeless you feel, there is a way out

and I’m here to show you. Cleanse your mind indefinitely and say hello to a divine world that you never knew existed

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