Embrace Sexual Power To Attract Money

Nature is very erotic, throbbing with the pulse of life and swollen with the fruit of promise. 

Which is exactly why so many people struggle with money.

The juicy flow of Orgasm, allows that delicious pleasure to run over into your financial life and a time oft, I discover that the two have direct links with one another. Money flows from your connection to OTHERS, which is why if you fear running out of money, what it is REALLY suggesting is that you’re afraid of being alone and abandoned. Increasingly, both men and women, have turned to Porn not for sexual pleasure, but for the ache and for the loneliness of not being fulfilled in life. This includes someone TRULY seeing and loving you at the core. This does not have to be in a relationship or a union, this can be someone who mentors you, someone whom you’re friends with, a loving family member/relative, someone who acknowledges core wounds and loves you anyway <3

When we choose to step into that abundant flow, we actually get out of our own way and welcome in a wealthy life. This is easier said that done. Most people truly honestly desire money, but with the ancient money curses that the Elite have subject the common man/woman to, (and more on that in a flash!), people's vitality, especially women, has dried up. All Etymological money relations are liquid and connected to water (banks, liquid assets, cash flow etc), which renders us the understanding that when we FLOW in life and not fight it, life opens up a beautiful new chapter to us. Belvia, my spirit guide, gave me the example of wanting water in a bucket at a well, but you refuse to open the tap at the top to allow the water to gush out and splash you in happiness and excitement. So you stand there and complain that no water is pouring out but you're in the way of the tap. The issue with most of us humans, is we are simply in our own way. This stems from FEAR. We often talk ourselves out of what can be the BEST THING of our life.

When someone appears healthy, happy, and filled with vitality, chances are, their financial prowess is in alignment, equally.

When we repress something, we become depressed and we stop the flow. Most religions seek to control Sexuality because when you control someone’s carnal nature, you literally have them by the balls. Most people are absolutely terrified to step into a bold life of their choosing after a heartache that totally wiped them out. When I personally lost my first business, it took me years to recover from the heartache and trauma of starting out so well and having djinn spirits crash it to the ground, leaving me with toxic shame of being the biggest failure I knew. This isn’t true, as I created Spartanite from that same dust that was left behind, but this can be correlated with loss of a love, a friend, a parent, a dream etc etc. For instance, something like sexual assault is an attack on the lower chakras, which means that the flow DRIES UP. And you literally end up rejecting anything that wants to penetrate you (this is for ladies) but even men who have experienced sexual assault, same attack and the money dries up.


Accustomed to traditional culture, women being feminine and powerful, is a no-no. Most women get that message EARLY ON as little girls, and boys who grow into men, who desire Spartanite type of women, are shunned and ridiculed. Superficial Sex, is like taping sandwiches to your body when you’re hungry. This is why I encourage all Spartanite Men and Spartanites who approach me to eat, live, and fuck in a grand manner because when you truly start to expand THAT space, interestingly enough, money shows up. Years back, I couldn’t serve people at large, because I was too emotionally broken and traumatised. I remember sitting infront of a lady who mentored me in my healing and she said “Nadia, I know trauma is hard, I am a trauma survivor too, but today, you are going to have to make a choice. Either you stick with your old stories of why you cannot have it, or you jump off the ledge, terrified and then you can grow into your Spartanite self and help others.”. 

Embrace your sexual power, embrace it. Solo, or with a partner — embrace it. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for orgasmic pleasure, because this FLOW of life, is what allows the money to begin pouring in. When I do a sex magick and erotic energy ritual for someone, I often come to find that someone’s sexual fields expand so much, they start to become magnetic to others. People feel ALIVE (actually it’s just aroused, more like) in their presence, and they start vibrating at a much faster and higher level. Going about increasing your money, doesn’t mean that you have to act more sexual than what your normal vibration needs to be. If you feel a lot more private about your sexual escapades, that is also fine. It is good to not be a person others deduce as a “kiss and tell”, however being appreciative of carnal pleasures, definitely helps bump your money up into FLOW.

Rising up your Kundalini energy, allows your sexual energy to circulate your body, like a vortex. We all have an energetic battery, and it is your job to keep it topped up, in order to shine brighter.

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