How To Navigate Life When You Feel “Lost” Feat. KING BELIAL

“Feeling like a lost cause is normal in periods of IMMENSE transformation, change, and, destiny facelifts. We are only comfortable when we have complete control over our surroundings. This is why most fear Success. Success requires DISCOMFORT” – ME, NADIA ARAIN, THE SPARTANITE.


Often a time, people have come to me and expect me to have ALL the answers of life (I wish I did lol) because of the type of work I do. Granted I DO have many answers, however Spartanite is a place whereby I have had to FIND the answers to “gridlock impossible situations” because what works for PEOPLE, did not work for ME.


Most people are lost because people are not in the business of giving answers. Answers require HONESTY and that is a remarkably expensive thing to expect from the cheap, dishonest, sleazy, lazy, and, dirty.


Earlier today, I was speaking with a friend who is caught in that gridlock situation. I know it is a gridlock for the majority and not so, because I myself have pulled myself out of that very situation. My answer to pulling myself out of it was sheer determination and will, The tool I use, is what I give on a daily basis.




Magick is a merely a tool to kill or birth a reality. It is often used for extremely nefarious purposes, because it offers UNBEATABLE results. To top it off the courts of law, do not recognise it as “sufficient judicidal evidence” and it has a HUGE stigma of “evil” laced to it, so people generally shy away from it due to fear and/or heresay. It is the ONE surefire GUN way to GET WHAT YOU WANT in this lifetime and my own life plus clients who come to me, attest this as truth.


Now, feeling lost is the modus operandi of people’s day to day lives. Why?


Cabal (your ruling masters/elite/1%/Illuminati) whatever the fuck they want to address themselves as, have sorcerers and priestesses working for them ROUND THE CLOCK, to keep humanity in a state of misery, lack, and, loss.  That means you and me, INCLUDED. The best way for me to explain this as such. It is financial vampirism.


Money is the polite currency of this world. 


Violence is the spiritual fibre currency of the underworld.


The underworld, rules the world. As above so below, you can easily cripple someone’s financial state by using a state of ALCHEMICAL VAMPIRISM. It means you can drag whatever they have, WILL HAVE (from a future timeline) and bring it to yourself.


I don’t have to worry about “watching this in action” as much as listen to the average person financially struggle due to the sorcery Cabal does, to keep people broken and poor 24/7. Communism 19 (also known as “covid”) was a DRASTIC chessboard move by Cabal to GRAB everything they could from people and usher in a complete state of control by allowing the masses to VOLUNTARILY accept giving up their freedom. Cabal is hot on making sure people do NOT gain financial command and power because when you have abundant freeflowing money, you have options in life.


Now what does this mean for you, if you’re like “Well, Nadia – I don’t know what my next step is?”


That’s normal.


I myself have plenty of those days (I know people think I am some sort of super human, however stay with me here).


Lost comes from sorrow, grief, sadness, depression, and, a lack of PLANNING.


Each level is going to encounter you a new level of lost. The lost I can feel TODAY in my life, is not what I felt 7 years back. It is because my perspective has changed tremendously, and through that vibration. When you are lost, your vibration is low. When your vibe is low, it is easy for people to come in and trick you into moving into THEIR timeline because — let’s go back to the VIOLENCE IS A CURRENCY OF THE UNDERWORLD. Now, many people believe violence is oft physical, or perhaps a verbal altercation or emotional damage. I want everyone who comes to read my blog to expand their lateral capacity of understanding what violence truly is, and now sit the word LOST as centre stage of that.


Henceforth, we conclude being lost is at a homeostasis place of a sense of inertia and violence towards one’s own self – due to a lack of DIRECTION.


As I am writing this blog, I am direct channeling half of this information so not a lot may make sense upon first read.


You are free to revisit as many times as possible because automatic writing means I am simply typing out what the Spirit wants me to write at this point in time. I can feel Belial making me type this.




As I can feel his presence, lost he says “is an ability of those who do not choose to master their own destiny”. Those who complain but give their power to others. Those who would rather wake up and allow others to take command over their life instead of waking up and doing it for themselves – because doing it for themselves means they have to face they have not been accountable, neither responsible for their actions.


“To break out of lost, means a human being has a purpose that wakes them out of all emotions. Nadia may feel low, lost, crazy, and, not on her mission half the time however part of her success is allowing herself to show up irrespective of whatever the hell is going on. Emotional self control is key to keeping it royal when you may be freaking out inside and allowing the situation to see you instead of you observing it. I want you to know that you did not come here in vain, to just eat McDonalds and die – you came here for something specific. It is up to YOU to PRIORTISE yourself and create a life WORTH LIVING. Lost means you’re not living what you came here for. No matter how far away from real joy and happiness you may feel, serving the anathema of one’s own self in a sense of TRANSFORMING IT, PLUS serving others – allows for a full rich LIFE. 


You cannot run away from yourself”


Whenever I channel, the words flow onto the keyboard at light speed, I don’t have to logically think of what to write, it is like listening to someone tell you what to type and you’re doing so. Belial’s lost analogy will make incredible sense to those who are looking to be the SUPERIOR version of themselves far away from the vanity and insanity that technological factors have created modern man, to become.


Even when I feel lost on some days, I know my ABSOLUTE mission is to TRANSFORM PEOPLE’S DESTINY BECAUSE DOING THAT IS TO LIVE MINE aka “Hi, I am Nadia and I channel Divine Wisdom for Bold Empowerment”.


When I see client’s lives change, I am so excited and happy, I do all types of things, sing, clap, dance, use my bed as a trampoline LOL – it comes from real enthusiasm of using the power I asked for to COMPLETELY change someone’s life.


Sit with yourself when you feel lost. Do not turn to your gurus, your phone, the enmasse of people you’ve been trained to give your power to – SIT WITH YOURSELF and feel all your emotions no matter how painful they are.


Only in the mess, does the MESSage become CLEAR.


Lost — is your roadmap to Success. 


It’s time to get into the driver’s seat of your own life. 


Let me help you do it. 


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