A Crisis or Opportunity? You Decide

In Cantonese, WEIJI is the symbol for Crisis and Opportunity. Interestingly enough, although I do not speak Cantonese myself, however do know a few short phrases to tide me by when I travel — I have always respected the philosophy of WEIJI so much?

Why is this?

Well, wherever you see Crisis, there is always opportunity. So many women, we have lived through life with a Survival mindset on and never stop to think that the shit we have had to endure, is actual golddust. So many people see a setback and think that is the end of their life. That they will never be able to get up and stand up on their feet again. That they will never be able to make a Success of themselves, and yet I always give Spartanites the analogy of the plane.

A plane does not take off with the wind, it takes off against it.

A smooth sea, never made for a skilled sailor. We learn most in life in challenge, hardship and adversity. An easy life is never to be envied. People who have it easy, don’t have a since clue about how to be a master life strategist, because they have never had to go up against their own demons to be dealt with. The financial markets, look exactly the same today. They are messy and it is not that the “credit crunch” hit, and people cannot buy or spend. It is that most people deal with a poverty based mindset. A mindset that, no matter how much you earn and make, you will never see success in.

Right now, there is a MASSIVE wealth transfer going on in the world. People do not realise that it is not that the money does not exist. It is more to do with the fact that their minds that are closed to MONEY, cannot see it. They are swimming in treacherous, filthy muddy waters, expecting to find sacks of coin. This is by Natural Law, impossible. Myself included, many women go through extreme Financial challenges. The important thing is to RISE UP from your challenge, and NOT take yourself as a Victim. Most people give up because they see a barrier, instead of an exciting opportunity.

They give up at the FIRST sign of hardship.

This is the exact reason people NEVER BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

They spend their time moaning about how “unfair” life is to them, and yet do absolutely nothing about it. It is okay to want to elicit sympathy from situations. What really makes it a million times worse, is when you realise someone has NO INTENTION of ever changing their circumstances, because they are super comfortable in the Victim story that they have created for themselves. Those who achieve Success, aren’t interested why it cannot be done. That is a loser mindset which so many people adhere to.

They are interested in what CAN be done, and HOW they will get it done.

Be of those those people.
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