Life After Sludge Demonic Possession — Overcoming Consensual Rape

The “Life After Sludge Demonic Possession” posts I have, both on this blog and on Medium, are a multitude in education for people who are not familiar with the nature of evil djinn and what they can do to a person in a lifetime. This is sort of like a public survivor documentary for me and for those who wish to understand where my Spartanite Strength originates from.

As a survivor of 4 djinn sent to kill me by select relatives on my estranged Father’s side, the same way my Father sadly passed away, breaking free from this prison — has been a never ending nightmare but it is with great joy and pride, that I now serve others from this horrific abuse and pain.

Any sex that is had when a person is possessed by Djinn, is Consensual Rape, plain and simple.

What does this mean?

The Djinn will incite HYPER-SEXUALITY in a person, in order to get them to sleep with anything. Most people on dating sites have Djinn attached to them, these jinn are looking to feed off your energy. This is why I always preach the importance of KNOWING WHOM AND WHAT YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH. Sexually Transmitted Demons are just as bad as STI’s, if not fucking worse. All types of sex had, is rape when these low spirits are attached to you because it is a mind trick, it is a force. It is akin to someone drugging and tricking you through your drink and then raping you and you have no recollection of it. The whole physical sexual encounter just feels weird. It may feel good at the time, but in depossession and living your clean, healthy life–you come to realise you would have never consented in the first place.

If you are going through this, please be patient. Know that there is life after trauma, life after abuse and life after everything these evil spirits put you through. They steal a lot of your original personality during your exorcism, so you will feel like an empty void for a while, just as I did—before I truly learned the nature of the balance between good demonic spirits and negative ones. My exorcism, allowed me to live clean and free and free from the nightmare, torture and abuse that they bring you 24/7. As a sexual assault survivor, if you are one reading this–my thoughts are with you and there is hope to heal your heart and your lower chakras again to have a healthy loving union with a partner of YOUR CHOICE.

Partners are not your CHOICE when you have djinn on you, they are merely chosen for you.

Godspeed, for the Most High, God Almighty–found a way out for me, to help millions of others today–a way, where there was none.