What My Personal Trainer Taught Me About Money

Having a regular fitness routine, is really what separates a lot of Successful people from those who are Average. Now, you may be wondering why, however we live in a very fast paced society that is always so demanding of us all the time, and we can overwork and not have the balance of it. It is very wise to make it a point to work out as regularly as possible, simply because you will find that keeping yourself in great shape, will have a knock on effect in every other area of your life.

I went to my new gym this morning and had a long training session with my trainer and we got talking about the subject of money. I, initially know him through a friend and we have often spoken about things extensively when it comes to money mindsets and finances, and I was asking his thoughts on many things when it came to his own vantage point of money. As a trainer for the past 10 years in the studio he works in, he started to speak about how people “fall off” their fitness routine, as SOON AS IT GETS HARD. 

A lot of people believe Success is easy. I really want to stress that. The Cabal have engineered a whiny, cry-baby society that moans and complains about every ache and pain that they register, because doing the hard (albeit) gratifying thing, is WAY too hard. He was telling me that Fitness is a LIFESTYLE. You cannot work out and in the same turn, start to eat trash and expect a healthy body. With sweat pouring off my body, I thought about something major that I often go through with clients which is…


This is something that I find most people struggle with, especially when they do not have a BIG ENOUGH WHY. I am motivated to go to the gym, to be able to feel light, have lympathic drainage and look fantastic in the clothes I wear. It gives me GREAT levels of energy and keeps my mind FRESH. That’s my own why. And really, without that why, I would never wake up early in the morning and go. The same thing goes for money. When I see people struggle with money issues, the ROOT CAUSE is Duality–that they are not wishing to face. A lot of people who have unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships like to convince themselves that everything is going okay, because they are “managing” and have managed perfectly till today. I often find these people just want to be right, instead of rich. And by right, I mean “poverty is nobility”. My trainer reminded me that minus a BIG WHY, it is impossible to commit to something that can change your life. I have worked with many people and watched them hit a barrier, and they fell off, because I may have asked them to do something that was OUTSIDE their comfort zone, and they thought “fuck you” (of course, subconsciously). I cannot hold someone accountable, only they can do that for themselves.


Many people want to run the sprint, but not the marathon. The marathon is harder, you have to train consistently and you have to be committed. Most people kinda, sorta want Wealth. They aren’t in for the long haul. They show up, take 3 classes and bitch why the money hasn’t “yet come in”. You have to really ask yourself WHAT is your main driver to achieve financial success, and dig really super deep as to why this is so important for you.

This is why I wrote this book, to help you set your financial goals and have clarity of mind!

I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂