Red Lust Sex & Money Magick

I have dedicated MANY and MANY of my workings to the power of Sex and Money. However this article, is slightly different. I find that I want to touch in the power of the Root Chakra and Menstruation, things that women often struggle with so badly.

Red Lust Magick, is a continuum of my first part post of Ritualistic Sex Magick + Manifesting Money , where I promised you, that I will be speaking on this type of Magick, that I often see very many women in Sex work industries (who are content with this side of things–the magickal side that is…), cast as Glamour on themselves for more clients through better and more passionate sex. Do not let ANYONE tell you Magick is a bad thing. It is a shame that in Western Society, so many people feel the need to ridicule the Ancient (and still very much practiced) ways of bending the will of Energy in your favour.

With that said, Red Lust Magick originates from the root chakra (and sometimes from the sacral), as the colour of the Muldahara (Root) is RED. I chose to base Spartanite on RED, because it is the colour of LUST, PASSION and POWER –all 3 things that my brand represents in high doses. We as women, are taught to always feel ashamed of having a vagina, or even being a woman, which is why I always recommend you keep things clean and fresh as best as possible before you carry out a ritual.

In all levels of Magick, you MUST have a VERY focused and powerful mind. You can often do this by opening your 3rd eye, in which your psychic human abilities will naturally jump up. There is Lust Magick and there is RED Lust Magick, which is possibly the most powerful form of Sex Magick to Manifest money. Sexual fluids are something that are so important in manifesting money, and a lot of people shy away from this, because they think it’s “weird” or some shit. I write my blogs for women of the Occult and of a Psychic nature, so none of the Spartanite women, find this—strange.

Take sexual fluids after an Orgasm, get a paper note of money and smear it on it. Burn it in your house and you will see money flow towards you, just as your orgasm did. It will also provide you with a VERY healthy connection of RECEIVING and being in flow. Most women feel awkward about being in receipt of money, because we feel awkward about a receiving an orgasm from a man. Women panic at the thought of what he thinks of you, and men are just so excited to help you get off. This ritualistic flow, on an astral level, alters your frequency.

You can either burn this banknote, or you can place it on your altar, facing West and anoint it with “Money, Come To Me”, Oil or “Fiery Protection Root” Oil If you need to cast a ritual that involves blood, I would really recommend you wait for your cycle, as that blood is the strongest and most powerful to work with.

A fast way to manifest Sexual desires, is to acquire a red candle, cover it in the specific oil (money, sexual desire, fame, wealth fortunas etc) and scratch a line of intent of what you wish to manifest. Burn a quart down for 3 days and 4 nights and as it burns, pour all your heat and fire in your 3rd eye into the flame before you, seeing your desire, come to fruition.

This, however only works with INTENTION. Skeptics, do not need to try this as it will not work with even a MINISCULE of doubt.

There are very many specific rituals on Red Magick I cast for different situations, inquire here, if interested ­čÖé

I would love to hear your comments and any suggestions you may have to add!