Spiritual Occult Protection In A Dark, Sick, Sinister World. The Important Know-How’s…

I was prompted to write this post, after a lengthy and gruelling session with a Spirit that I shall keep anonymous for his own protection (and of course mine..).

I currently live in London, United Kingdom — one of the cities where Occult Symbolism is rife and practically everywhere. I don’t often visit Central London, and yet when I do–I see the symbolism on buildings, trains, advertisements, and the worst part is the people mindlessly continuing along in a sick society. I come home, purge and clean myself energetically by showering and saging as this is NECESSARY for a person to remain sane.

I do not think there is a single person on this planet who isn’t aware at a cellular, metaphysical and unconscious level, that this artificially constructed world we reside in, is sick, twisted and sinister. Growing up, as a little girl, I often knew there was something extremely dark and sick about the world, but being little I couldn’t articulate what it was.

Anyways, thankfully those days are long gone and as a clairsentient psychic, I can clearly do so. I am a Writer BECAUSE I am psychic. One of my other gifts is Claircognizance, the clear psychic knowing of things. And this clear KNOWING, has led me down the rabbit bush holes, from which there is really, never any turning back…which leads me to today’s round.

Disclaimer :If you are reading this, thank you for always reading my blog. I aim to educate, inspire and inform those seeking the TRUTH and those seeking to understand the subtle Occult nuances by which this world is a) constructed and b) governed. I am of sound mind, healthy and balanced, and do not have any mental health “issues” that haven’t been taken care of. Please check up on me regularly, as the information I share is not only Classified, it is forbidden. I have no intentions to harm Self and nothing can be pinned against me. Thank you.

This world is sick. It is beyond Sick. There are no words for the filth, degeneracy, sickness, lunacy and sinister happenings on the planet. Modern man has become so incredibly vain and selfish, that he will contort anything to fit his pigeon hole desires and narrow minded beliefs. This has been taken to great heights by those who wish to keep you stupid, dumb, depressed and low.

There are major causes of this lunacy that have increased within the last 20 years?—?-I say 20 years because it has been a gradual incremental increase over a period of time. Some of these causes you will know, others may come as a surprise. When you are aptly informed, you take up protection. This round talks about protection of your psyche, your spirit and most importantly, your mind.

1. Food.
Modern Western Diet, is engineered to kill and depopulace people, quickly and fast. Rising costs of living, due to hyper-inflation through central bankers that have attributed a piecemeal value on a fiatcurrency not backed, by precious metal, has led to broken families and many other socio-economic problems. Food, is fuel for life. Most people are filled up with nothing. Food, laced with carcinogens,toxic laden additives, and colourings?—?-are murdering people. The modern body, has not a shred of alkaline balance in it, which is causing and is a home (and host) to horrible diseases (dis-EASE) of Cancer. Cancer is caused not only by acidity, but by extreme self hatred towards Self in the body.

Solution : Balance your diet. Slow down with meat, dairy and eat fresh and CLEAN as best as possible. Cut wheat out of your diet, if possible and be very cognizant of WHAT is making your food “palatable” and taste nice, when in effectiveness, it is often “pink slime” covering the mess up. Cut out ALL fast food, as it is laced with animal meat outside of what they are serving you and possibly, human remains. I cannot state anymore on the latter. It is not for a public debate and I wish to remain safe.

2. Water.
Modern Western Water, (especially American), is laced with brain and body toxins, that sometimes I think it’s safer to drink from a sewer. With Fluoride levels, Cancer causing agents, ESTROGEN, anti-biotics and hormones, they have pumped heavy doses of feminine hormones, turning more modern men effeminate and gay/bi-sexual by the minute. Modern water is dead for a reason. It is used to subdue, control and turn populaces apathetic.

Solution : Spring Water, Alkaline Water, NATURAL filtered water, + lemon/lime in water to stimulate pineal gland.

3. Wi-Fi/Technology
Modern Western Society, is hooked and obsessed with technology. This is part of the H+, Transhumanistic agenda, discussed through Agenda 21 of Depopulace, of merging human with robot. Wi-Fi DEPRESSES, reduces and distorts sleeping circadian cycles, critical thinking and questioning. It also distorts the pineal gland’s natural ability of telepathy (claircognizant psychic ability), meaning populaces are easy to control and fool, through distrusting their own intuition. All social media portals are tracking and surveillance portals, as well as intergalatic portals. Ensure ALL your electronic devices are Spiritually monitored (I really don’t give a fuck if you’re Spiritual or not here?—?it applies to you, regardless), lest unknown entities start showing up in your house. Reflexology Manipulation, has been used and employed to mentally bind you to your phones. Radiation is causing Cancer as well as Reproductive issues majorly. Solutions are available, find them.

Solution : Be cognizant of information you provide, how, where, when and how. Understand the Spiritual understandings and dangers of technology and employ them. Technology has been manifested into this plane from the 23rd Century, to the “past” of the currently 21st Century. It has been worked on for 75+ years, before being released to the public. The newer models of phones are evil. If you want to buy, be protected at ALL COSTS.

4. Television.
A spinning hypnosis, subliminal laden suggestive machine. Practice Spiritual balance and limit your exposure to it. Using Alpha Trance waves, watchers go into hypnosis conscious mode in 30 seconds or less. All news (Esp BBC) is hypnosis and mental brain fog. Used to perpetuate lies, confusion and webs of deceit.

Solution : Switch the damn thing off until absolutely necessary, and limit exposure. Get your kids to read books and mentally challenge them.

5. Unclean Auras/Chakras
If you do not practice Spiritual cleaning, you have gunk in your auric field. Plain and Simple. This allows you to attract more negative situations, people, places and possibly, even entities. Overtime, you become blocked, negative, depressed and hopeless.

Solution : Have your chakras scrubbed, cleaned and polished. Your energy body will feel, light, bright and clean. It will impact your mental clarity levels and your attitude to life.

6. GWEN towers, ENERGY manipulation through directed weapons, gang stalking etc
I can write 100 books on this alone. Alongside putting up “mobile phone” towers, these mind control towers go up. Tuned at various frequencies, vast swathes of populace is controlled to a fear based, collective consciousness in victim mentality, to think all the same. People are used as pawns under programming to carry out heinous crimes, famous and not?—?through energy weaponry through gang stalking. The human body and mind, has been manipulated in ways. Fight to take back control.

Solution : Read on all these things and know they are engineered against you, to keep you stupid, dumb and brainless.

7. Weather Modification/Geo-Engineering
Known to intergalatic races as “terraplaining”, Chemtrails, (you know those ugly white lines in the sky where clouds are supposed to be), are laden with poisonous chemicals including Boron and Aluminium, falling to the ground. Contamination of air, food and water supply?—?-people are ill and sick for a reason. It is also reducing natural Vit D to people, to make them sick and unhealthy and reducing the exposure of the Sun, to keep people healthy and happy. Smart dust has been embedded into these trails, nano-technology has settled into billions of people’s cellular systems, keeping them slow, dumb, lazy, stupid?—?-and PROGRAMMABLE by GWEN tower frequencies.

Solution : Chakra cleansing, educating self + Sleep with Wi-Fi and your phone OFF at night. Chakra Cleansing will not allow the nano-particles to settle into your system as the wheels will keep spinning them right back out.

These 7 major energy manipulation techniques, are employed by the upper echelons of Society, to keep you away from the sickness, filth and deception of the arms, drugs and human/sex trafficking happening in the world at present. Belvia, my spirit guide speaks on the 8th and 9th ones, a major disorder in Western Society — which are Anti-Depressant/Medication pills and Porn. Combine these 2, and you have a populace of what we are seeing today.

It is being used to keep you away from the world’s biggest problem at present?—?-Pedophilia, where by over 92 million children, from various countries, are trafficked, abused, raped and murdered in ritual sacrifices, to release energetic power and drink the “pure blood” that keeps those who know, in the know, young and energetic. All your ruling elite, partake in this. All of them.

I pray for you to be safe and practice Good Occult practices to keep you OUT of the prison matrix, safe and cognizant of the battle that modern man is unwittingly up against. Modern man is incredibly vain, selfish and isolated.

I love you. Hence I have written this, so publicly.

I would love to hear your comments in the section below