The Art of Love & War : Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies

As one discovers variant art forms of the Occult and Magickal realms, it beehooves a person to learn more about the true nature(s) and humour(s) of individuals, to glide through the thorns and straggles of life, to what I would deem — a personal Nirvana.

As we all know, all is fair in Love and in War. Love is a personal war, a war many try and stamp out. This cage of a prison we call Earth, has been belittled, and taken hostage by those who wish to see each human nothing more than Cattle fodder. As an individual fights for Love within, the equivalent in man or woman, must be evident in that type of relationship. Love and Hate, are 2 sides of the same coin, an emotion of extremes, an emotion that can easily be bent through Occult Planar Engineering.

With that said — most are clueless of this world. They are unable to ascertain the difference between a friend, an enemy, and a frenemy. 

True friends are rare, and few and far in between. At best, one has acquaintances and associates who lie in the Frenemy trench. Always waiting for your next fall to laugh behind your back, and make digs at you. A fine example of this, would be narcissists and other abusers of the garden variety. It also includes those for whom Success will never be a Pont Neuf (French for Point Nine) destination. In short, their target. An enemy can be trusted never to betray you, but a friend, is another story.

In Hindi, we say — ” Insaan aur Samay, Ek Taraf Hai — Bewafa. “

In English translation, it means  : “a human and time, are the same thing. — Disloyal”

Bearing this in mind, it is very simple to glean that often your frenemies do not “suddenly” become envious and jealous overnight. You will have risen to a status, a platform, where the seeds of Jealousy, have sprouted up, clearly and evidently for you to see. The seeds were always in the ground, you have walked a path where they have germinated enough for those who held the seeds in their heart, to be shown. Frenemies, are the general public. The people closest to you, the people waiting for you to hurt, fall down, and fail. And rise when you will, not when you may — their anger, bitterness, and rage, knows no bounds. Envy is not a green emotion, it is a CLEAR emotion. An emotion that most average people hold dear to them in their heart, because they indeed do not and will NEVER walk the path of true greatness. Which is why they turn to greed, avarice, and the other vices to aid them to achieve Success because their own capacity for authenticity, is in lack.

You will never have more than TWO real friends in your whole life.

You will have a maximum of FIVE enemies across your timespan.

The rest are all Frenemies, using your volunteered information against you. The average human mind is pathetic and fickle. It changes faster than the flag blows in the direction of the wind. It is lazy, sloppy, emotional, negatively afflicted, and greedy. Most people display their diseases of the mind and their psyche, in plain sight. It is up to you to walk the face of this Earth, and discern that for yourself. The difference between an enemy and a frenemy, is an enemy has no interest to befriend you to hurt you with your information. An enemy simply gleans Intel for his/her next move. Frenemies carefully watch you, keep tabs on you (including more half the people who read this site of mine) and see what comes next. It is always a race for them to out-wit you, out-win you, except those who win at Love and War, WIN THEMSELVES FIRST.

Remain clueless at your own peril.

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Queen Spartanite