Assyrian Magickal Money Codes : Creating Wealth Through NATURAL LAW

As an Occultist and Entrepreneur combined, my approach to money; is exceptionally different to the average person and even to most successful Entrepreneurs. Money is merely a number for most, money is an ally and a friend to me.


Because I am aware that money is magickal energy that has a voice, can talk, operates on it’s own frequency, and has it’s own mind, over time; I chose to develop a special relationship into a different stargate realm to teach me (and help me teach other humans) what money truly is, what the real meaning of wealth is, and how to be in possession of physical instruments of assets, wealth, as well as possess clarity, self-care, peace of mind, and peace inside my soul. In a nutshell, BALANCE. Natural Law is something that has been forgotten and overtaken by Maritime Admiralty Law and (Roman) Civil Court Law, so much so, an average human being is frightened and terrified of being human anymore, because bondage serves them much higher than Freedom does.


This, any independent thinking person; knows as is, Truth.


With that said, some of the toughest tests that have come for me, are in the realm of Money. Love has taught me a lot equally, and I learned the true nature of many through coursing through mirrors of people, attempting to understand myself. Money is the best of teachers and the worst of punishers ;when a person does not understand the rules it dominates this world by. Money belongs in ALL structures of control, which is why so many people simultaneously hate it and covet it. People want it, and want to get away from it. The poor and the rich are EQUALLY controlled by money, just in different ways. Money draws a source of power out from a human being which is why it is primarily used in the enslavement of the TIME X MONEY equation, an equation that is recommend to break out of, as and when you can; at your earliest convenience.


Money has THREE Magickal CODES that belong to the following regions. 



Since ancient times, the ORION GROUP with their predatory mentality, has slowly spread to this planet. They grabbed hold of the men and a large percentage of the male population of this Earth, is infected with this anti-human virus. 


The Middle East, is filled with money, not particularly because of Oil, or Natural Gas, as most would have the ignorant believe. The LEY LINES, the MAGICK in the SAND, and these 3 regions contribute towards it. Assyria and Babylonia, were built on the empire from the Chaldean peoples, and it progressed into Mesopotamia (who in ancient times, had the strongest command over commerce). Spanning modern day Iran and Iraq, the Assyrians were some of the smartest people when it comes to money and it follows in their bloodline, even till today. Deciding to SEE more into ancient ASSYRIA, (considered Northern Iran/Iraq and parts of South Eastern Turkey, in today’s geographical map), I chose to work with an Assyrian entity named Ightmos, that mentions he still looks over humanity, his people (all Assyrians, he says or those of his blood, partly) and those who were Assyrian in previous lives, as he claims one of my lifetimes was (hence I understand Assyria, very well at a soul level).


These are his expressions on money (I took the liberty to write it out — all in BOLD) :


Disclaimer : What he says, may not make sense to many, the first time round. Read it as many times as you wish. He is speaking the way a Spirit normally speaks and it can be quite confusing for the mind, to start with. Spirits talk in riddles sometimes about important matters because they want you to study things properly and process them without spoonfeeding them to you. <3


“Assurata! Khatta 🙂 Doosho (My Lady, My Sister :), O’ sweet one — he says this in Akkadian to me, the original language of the Assyrians), money is a complex letter, a letter that has been mailed to every single person’s house. Some open the letter, most do not. They fear what is inscribed on the parchment, for they cannot read the language it is written, in. Look at the chaos this world is in. People cannot afford to eat, to live, to breathe. People are sleeping on the street, in their cars. Look at it.


Humans now live in a world where free flowing land, milk, and honey (he says doosho again — it can mean honey on a literal level, equally), has been taken to those at the top. The paper that your money is printed on, is not money. This has little connection to the gold stores my people once had. This connects as a tailsman to the grids, the portals, and pays homage of those who use money as control, humiliation, and domination. To extract one’s self from this whirlpool (my head spins crazy fast at this point and I can see how the lure of money traps people FAST), you must always have balance with Natural Law. Your soul can easily be manipulated, they have found ways to do this. The city you live in (he is referring to London), has the strongest portal at Stonehenge, hence it is the global financial capital.


All money, is a unit of magickal energy, hence one cannot HOLD ONTO MONEY and HOARD IT, because money is ever flowing and possesses a current (hence currency/currensea) that a human being must understand. In order to generate money in the modern age, it is important to understand NOT to fall into the predatory trap. Many predators control the money supply in today’s age, hence it has become harder for people to “get ahead” and most succumb to greed. 


Money does not come without planning, strategy, and action. Your Assyrian husband (he speaks of the man I was married to in the previous lifetime, where I was Assyrian myself), taught you about money knowledge at a core level, and you taught him to keep and grow it into larger investments with the power of sexual energy that you infused into his blood & DNA through means of sexual exchange, something you still possess today in your own DNA. There is a reason they have made people sexually promiscuous, as where sexual energy leaks from, money simply follows suit. One with money, needs to be as quiet as a dove and sharp as a hawk. Do not allow the codes on the money printed to blind you, most are blinded. Using Natural Law, you are able to stay out of those who have been perverted and corrupted and see them a mile away. There is nothing evil about money, in it’s original form. Sadly, as Sex, it has been turned upside down to suit the agenda. Money is found in places that it often wouldn’t have been found in 10 years back. A human being must be creative to seek opportunities and not be exploited in the process. Many are exploited. Money has many traps, and teaching yourself about it, keeps you OUT of the traps.


Humans are not born into lack. They are enslaved at birth and lack is forced upon them.


Lead from your heart. Feel LOVE inside you as much as possible and extend it to those you deem worthy. AINA, KHATTA. AINA (Look, My Sister, Look).”


Aina, also means mirror and reflection, in other languages I speak. (What Ightmos, is trying to say here is LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP). He said many other things in Akkadian, that I couldn’t understand however the images shown to me, is that most people need to conquer the emptiness inside them through the POWER OF NATURAL LAW, otherwise money will consume them alive. And it often does, he stressed. The Look before you leap situation is common when someone JUST wants to get to their financial goal “by any means necessary”, and finds they lose everything that they had, to begin with.


Natural Law teaches us all to be THOROUGH with our understanding of a person, or a situation. Take your time. NOT ALL YOU SEE AT THE SURFACE, IS WORTH YOUR TIME. Aka — All that glitters, isn’t gold. It’s shocking how many people MISS the HEART intelligence understanding of this.


Remember your humanity inside your soul, and make money in a way that doesn’t harm your heart. The current model of “making money”, is exceptionally harmful hence so many struggle with it. Be HEALTHY and HUMAN with your money and let money speak to you and give it a voice.


It has a lot to say.