Feminism Is Not Healthy Feminine Energy + How It Drives Away Your Money

I have wanted to write this post, for a VERY VERY long time.

I am a woman, and I am NOT a fan of Feminism. I despise it. Feminism, has ROBBED women of their true feminine soul, their beautiful energy and their importance as a Priestess. Feminism, engineered by the Rockefeller Cabal to make women argumentative, competitive and very masculine. Women have been told that being a mother and a wife, is a useless job, it is lowly and we need to get into the workplace and fight with men for positions. Now, don’t get me wrong. True Feminine energy, is all about progression and harmony with the Masculine and this is where more and more relationships and marriages are losing their edge. The sexual polarity that needs to be there is not. A man is not turned on by a woman he feels is hard, dominating and masculine like him. He won’t know what is wrong, but he will feel inclined to cheat, use porn, look at other women—basically something is off.

I took it upon myself to do an exercise taking the train one day in London. There was barely any woman I saw in a skirt or a dress. Most women I saw, were wearing worn out drab jeans, with a miserable scowl on their face and no hair or makeup done. I am not saying women need to doll up for a dash to the shops for milk and bread, but this whole uptight, nasty stiff energy is the byproduct of Feminism. I am a huge fan of women supporting themselves and being strong in self worth, and Feminism has DESTROYED a woman’s natural self worth to want a wonderful loving family and have the Inner Masculine balance that Spartanite teaches when it comes to your Finance. Feminism is the reason women end up in miserable situations like friends with benefits (what benefits exactly? Let us count…low self worth, STI’s, unwanted pregnancies and shame…), and put up and shut up. Feminism has taught women “we are equal to men and men need to like strong obnoxious and ball busting women”. They do not. That is not their Masculine Programming.

Cultivating True Feminine energy–is Goddess power and this is what I wish to touch on when it comes to your money. Money is not attracted to struggle and when women are at a place of feeling burnt and stressed out, this is because you have tried to do so much in Masculine energy. A woman’s body is NOT the same, as a man’s. We are NOT designed for the same level of intensity, brute force and stamina. Call it what you will, but we have our own strengths and we stand for them gracefully.

When I look at Feminine energy, it is happy, fun and graceful. And I know you may be at a place in your life, where all you can probably feel is frustrated, bitter, resentful and angry. I have been there, done it—and it is the MOST isolating place for a woman to be in. Men avoid you like the plague, MONEY avoids you even more.

So what is the best way to put this stiff, hard energy at bay?

Firstly, Most women have blocks in their Sacral (2nd) Chakra (where your womb is). Miscarriages, terminations, rape, trauma, abuse, sadness–it all collates here and it sends out a very negative signal. I would definitely advocate womb wisdom and womb restoration (if Interested, please ask), to heal all the pain we as women carry for yourself. Secondly, remember as women, all money comes creatively to us, which is why we struggle in the common workplace so much. Women are creators by nature. We create life. And we love to sing, dance, paint, write, sculpt and the programming of the world that also cut men (sadly) off from their Divinity, has made it so harsh for us to even live as a Feminine woman.

Feminism has told women they are equal to men. we are not. We surely are equal in respect to each other however— We are wonderful, special and unique, just like a man is in his OWN MASCULINE ENERGY, and you do not have to fight with a man to be seen as “worthy or respectful”. You enjoy being a flower in your own lovely feminine energy, and I find it incredible how doors open for you in terms of generating money, creatively.

I’d love to hear your comments ­čÖé