How To Handle Intense Plutonian Energy Without Scaring Others

Plutonian Energy, is felt and rarely talked about. For years upon years, I magnetized and executed some of the most INTENSE chaos, drama and scandals known to a woman of my background and age. Sometimes, I used to think I was plain fucked up, other days not so bad. I used to feel like walking dynamite in most people’s lives, until I got this energy under control.

So what IS Plutonian Energy?

Well, think of Saturnian and Uranian energy FIRST. I have plenty of both as well — seeing as I have so much Capricorn in me —Saturnian energy is very binding, organised and a bit restrictive. It makes you work so very HARD on things to perfect them. As a woman born in Feb–I am an Aquarian, which means on the top, I am a mix of Saturnian and Uranian energy. Uranian energy is wild, unpredictable and a bit crazy. Wrapping those two together, I wish for you to think about the Lord of the underworld, Hades. Hades is the Pluto husband. The quiet, silent but very magnetic mysterious man. Chivalrous but would tie you up in bed and fuck the daylights out of you –without having to say a word prior. You would just KNOW he was a Plutonian.

Plutonian energy is powerful, intense and seductive. As well as mysterious. Think of someone with heavy Scorpio in their chart—and that is your answer.

Considering I have a Pluto in Scorpio in my 7th house (house of marriage and relationships), without the men in my life, I really wouldn’t have achieved what I have today. I have a long colourful history of abuse, trauma, sex manipulation, power struggles and obsession as part of my “normal” relationships. Add Juno and Lilith (placements of Marriage and Sexual Desire) ALSO in Scorpio and in my 7th house, it is any wonder I can live a normal, stable and peaceful life today.

Drama doesn’t follow me any longer and nor am I interested in it. And yet, the hallmark of Plutonian energy which is intense, deep, dark, twisted, subdued fire, is enough to scare the shit out of most-well meaning people. Plutonian energy, is very hard to keep under wraps. It is like trying to hide your huge boobs as They are always trying to escape… (bless the twins!).

No matter how nice, polite and well-meaning you are, Plutonian Energy betrays you.

One liners said by a Plutonian, is like an atomic bomb going off. I have always felt there were booby traps (hee hee…;) in all my conversations and words, ready to rip the shit out of unsuspecting, easily offended, weak people. Plutonian energy offends most people, because it has a tinge of FRIGHTENING INTENSITY to lock onto the goal, and get the job done.

With having a Mars in Capricorn in my 9th house, I have managed to stay even-tempered but paired with an Aries ascendant AND Plutonian energy with a Capricorn Stellium (Saturnian Energy), I have pissed enough people off in my life time which of course Pluto teaches you to enjoy– (eventually).

So what are the THREE things you can do as a Plutonian, to keep the peace (well, at least try..)?

Learn which house your Pluto is in.

Most people underestimate this but your Pluto is essentially Scorpionic traits i.e obsessive, revenge, lust, sex, death, the occult — the Dark Feminine basically. Then understand, wherever your Pluto is, is what you need to overcome. As you must have read, my own Pluto is 7th house (which is Libra–house of partnerships and marriage) in Scorpio. So this means, relationships (relating to OTHERS) is a BIG challenge for me. There are constant power struggles, and I really had to learn to calm the fuck down, if I didn’t want to be homeless at some point 😉

Understand, if you are speaking to a Non-Plutonian, it is NORMAL for them to be scared of the energy you give off. Plutonian energy is frightening for most people who love to swim in the shallow waters of life. Learn to make small talk and keep it light and polite. I had to learn this through my romantic relationships. I just couldn’t understand why I “scared people away” — when to me talking about INTENSE things, comes very naturally.

Find other fellow Plutonians who will give you the DEEP, DARK, DEPTH that you deeply crave. Intensity is your thing, use it to your advantage!
Always remember, you cannot function in small minded places. Plutonian energy is deep, penetrative and very, very seductive. Do not be surprised when people either really love, or really hate you. That is the nature of this.

I would love to hear your comments in the section below 🙂